A simple video sharing website to a one stop shop for everything entertainment, YouTube has come a long way. In this post, we have featured flows on 10 YouTube hacks that you must know. These hacks are super fun when you run it. So instead of simply browsing through the slideshow, I strongly recommend you to install Whatfix’s Flows Editor and hit the orange SEE LIVE button.

1) How to keep track of what’s trending on YouTube

The trending and most-viewed videos vary in every country and with this nifty YouTube dashboard, you can easily find the top videos in different countries. Click on See Live to get acquainted with this tool:

2) How to play music videos endlessly

How great would it be if you could turn YouTube into your personalized radio station? Music Genie is a service that allows you to do exactly that. Click on See Live and get around Music Genie.

3) Connecting your social media networks to YouTube

The share-ability of any video on the internet depends upon how well it spreads on the social media. By connecting your YouTube account to your social networks, you can easily share them and possibly make it go viral. This flow will guide you to do just that.


4) How to add a logo to your YouTube video

Personalizing your video is always the best bet for publicity. So next time you upload a video on YouTube, why not add your personalized logo in it. This flow will show you how put up your logo as a watermark in all your videos:


5) Safety search filter to avoid unwanted videos

Whether you are looking for cartoons, animation movies, nursery rhymes or even educational videos for your kids, YouTube has them all. But there is a high chance that while searching for them, you might end up finding an unwanted video, unsuitable for your kids. See this flow live to know how to trigger YouTube’s safety search.

6) How to block ads on YouTube

I’m pretty sure there are videos on YouTube itself that tells you how to block ads. But even they might be cluttered with annoying ads. Click See Live on this flow to make it all go away with this simple AD blocker tool.

7 & 8) YouTube is funny at times

Did you know apart from the buttloads of funny cat videos, YouTube occasionally creates some fun stuff in its layout? These are two Easter eggs of YouTube that makes it go into full-on Star Wars mode and do the Harlem shake. See this flow live and watch YouTube amaze you:

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