Customers today seek more than just a good deal for the product or service they need. The services that come additionally with a purchase has become the prime focus of this hyper informed generation. And to be honest, they aren’t really asking for much.

Unlike the earlier times, all that people need today is to get through the setting up of a product or be able to use a service effectively, are online resources.

According to a survey we conducted, we realised that this generation was actually willing to help themselves and each other more than reaching out to support agents. All they want is a low effort service experience in place.

So how do you offer good customer service to this section of your target audience?

By setting up a customer community.

Customer community

A Customer community is a space for all your customers to connect with each other, and find answers to their issues around a product or service through FAQs, knowledge base articles and how-to guides provided by your business or a fellow member.

image source: Articulate blog

image source: Articulate blog

It gives them a platform to put forward a question that hasn’t been already addressed, and get reviews and answers from those who have already been through it. Since everyone spends a considerable time online, there will be always be that one person who answers the query instantly – and no, we’re not talking about your customer service representative. Your customers move really quick, and that’s the speed they want answers at too!

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3 reasons why your business needs a customer community

If you haven’t yet thought of creating a customer community, here are 3 reasons that will convince you to:

1. Productivity boost for representatives

When you don’t have a community, all your customers will either email or call the customer support help desk in the hope to find answers. And all that results in, is chaos. Your representatives end up spending hours trying to resolve the same issues over and over again, not being able to focus on the new, complex ones coming in. What’s worse? Those on hold start to give your business bad reviews for not having good customer service in place.

Having a community is like dividing the core task of customer service between your existing customers and your representatives – giving the latter sufficient time to tackle complex cases in a more efficient manner.

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2. Simplifies your customer service

While most businesses have self-service resources and solutions in place, having a community helps them engage with customers better and also keep track of the ongoing conversations around a product/service.

Bringing all your customers and their concerns to a single platform, makes addressing their problems a lot easier than servicing them individually.  And you don’t have to use multiple tools to keep track of every social conversation around your business as 80% of them will take place in the community.

3. Increases customer satisfaction

Since customers can find answers to their queries on their own, really quickly and easily, the customer satisfaction levels increase by manifolds. Customer communities not just open up a relevant platform for discussions around the business’s products and services, but also gives the members an access to the most robust resource library around them.

It also helps representatives stay up-to-date with the frequent concerns their audience is facing and find long-term solutions with product/service improvisations.

Thought having a customer community was cliche? Time to think again!

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