Getting a job anywhere in the world involves a set number of processes – a telephonic or physical interview, analysis of submitted resume, a round-up of experience and prowess and finally, if you are selected – an offer letter. In some companies or sectors – entrance examinations are held to decide if one is fit for a job.Banking is one such sector in India, which presents itself with many entrance exams to land a government position. Financial, insurance, RBI, public sector banks and even the LIC are some of the more popular tests taken by over thousands of applicants in India.
To help with the preparation of these tests, e-learning firm MockBank aids with its mock tests.The tests are customized, updated and specific to each kind of test. MockBank offers paid test services- depending on your choice. Currently the popular exams are the SBI PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, RBI assistants and LIC AAO.
So if you are in prep mode for a bank test, let MockBank and Whatfix get you all suited up! These flows are dedicated to get you started with the site and get cracking on your tests shortly! But first, we strongly urge you to install the Whatfix web extension for Chrome and Firefox right away.
Alright, all set? Let’s get these mock test prep started! Make sure to click “See Live” to see the flows in full-blown action and get the most out of them.

1. How To Register

An account registration is essential to tracking your performance, knowing your test status and profile details. This flow explains which details are needed for the same.

2. How To View Course Details

Once you have logged in, choose from one of the tabs right at the top to view the details of each course. MockBank offers material starting from Rs 150. Make sure to check out the price tag before you enroll.

3. How To Enroll For A Course

Once you have checked out the courses and zeroed in on your choice, enrolling is the next step. The process is pretty simple as explained by this flow. See it live!

4. How To View All Tests

Need an overview of all the tests? Possible and simple with this flow. Choose “All Tests” and specify your category to view the entire list.

And there you have it! We hope these flows have helped you get well on your way to your first test and its preparation! MockBank in the future aims to offer prep for civil, judicial, engineering and teaching services. Get cracking with Whatfix and MockBank!

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