For every company, it is necessary that everyone is on the same page. Every employee needs to have the necessary skills to succeed, be comfortable with the architecture and infrastructure (both physical and electronic) provided – which is essential to a successful workforce. Internal training is an important part of this process of onboarding new employees or taking it to a new level with the existing force. Well executed internal training programs create a higher level of productivity in the company, leading to better performance. Employees have some weakness or the other in office/workplace skills, and a good training process will and should enable them to be proficient in a certain amount of time.
But unfortunately, these programs are difficult to organize and cost a mighty budget to the parent company. For a startup, the costs may be even bigger – if you have a small home office, a training place for rental, a trainer etc., come into the picture. And yes – when budget cuts are announced, training programs will be the first to face the blow.
But the show must go on, right? So here are 5 ways to fix your Internal Training woes with Whatfix.

1. Create flows with the Browser Extension and hold each employees hand- literally.

Don’t sweat the simple stuff. Let’s consider a use case of an HR department. In the modern age, all companies have their own system of attendance updation, leave approval, reimbursement, viewing payslips, news and company announcements, etc. – which could prove to be quite a task, and would require a “ How may I help you” point of contact person for the new employees. Cut the extra fat, and just create these simple flows on the website using Whatfix’s Flows Editor (Chrome and Firefox extension). Explain step by step, publish flows on Whatfix and just email the links to the newbies in one go. They can see the flows live, and voila! Problem solved.

2. Collaborative Problem Solving

The joys of working in a team – is that you can always ask for help when you are stuck! In IT companies, collaboration is encouraged cross country and makes up for major work functions and load splitting. Many teams collaborate with each other to solve interlocked problems and status calls & emails in a minute and hour basis. In this hectic environment, the Whatfix extension comes in very handy. All you need to create is a flow, explaining exactly the length and the start of it – so that each team/person knows exactly where you are in the current work cycle. No time is wasted in explaining from the top – and problem solving becomes much faster.

3. Self Help widget for contextual help for new developers

Another use case scenario – a new developer joins your technical team and needs to get on the improvement/optimization of an important feature. In the case of a startup with limited manpower – where shadowing the lead architect may not be possible as he is on the other hemisphere, a Self Help widget is pertinent. Each team can create their own Self Help widget with a simple process here. These widgets could also help in user test cases where an app/website is put through its paces for navigational capability, easing user experience and more.

4. Faster onboarding with Javascript for web application

There is a good chance that like your users, employees also find it challenging to get started with your web service. With Whatfix, you can create flows that can be viewed live on the product every time a user comes to your website. You can set cohorts to introduce features to your employees one at a time. And do that to execute this is as simple as a walk in the park, follow the instructions here and start onboarding employees like a boss.

5. Embed flows as PDFs, videos, slideshows- all mediums covered.

Most companies will have some internal wiki – for a detailed description of all the problems, its solutions, and its categories. Take your internal training portal one step further and create a YouTube training channel with all Whatfix flows published immediately on it as soon as you make them. All employees can subscribe to the channel and have new content delivered straight to them without a hitch. The interactive Whatfix flows can be embedded as PDFs and Slideshows to assist you in cross country status meeting and live demos of your product!
So what are you waiting for? Get started with Whatfix today!

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