Productivity – it’s a big buzzword in today’s workforce scenario. Managers are increasingly using employee engagement programs, software’s to track time spent at the desk and even company off-sites to increase personal productivity and therefore increase the bottom line of the organization.
Since we are human beings and it’s in our genes to be social, no matter how hard you try, there are distractions you cannot control, email that looms over you every minute, constant social media attention and socializing with fellow colleagues. Don’t get me wrong – some of these distractions are necessary for sanity in the workplace, but they must be managed well. So whether you are a corporate employee or a consultant or even a freelancer, whether your workplace is in a company building or your very own home – increasing your productivity is key to getting plenty done, the right way – the smart way.
Here are some everyday simple tips that you can use to kick that cycle into gear and get more out of your day, every week every year.

1. Declutter your desk, declutter your mind

No one likes a messy space! Sure – you may not be a messy person in your head, but a cluttered desk is a sign that your work life is disorganized. Clean out your work space every morning before you begin and sit afresh. This way, everything is in its place and your mind is ready to start concentrating on the bigger issues at hand.

2. Make a to-do list, but don’t forget to prioritize.

A to- do list is a great way to keep track of all your tasks for the day and plan ahead too. But the key to increased workplace productivity is to prioritize these activities and not dive straight into them – crossing off one after the other. If your brain efficiency is highest in the afternoon, schedule the difficult stuff for then and the nonsense emailing for later. Also – don’t over schedule yourself. Push yourself no doubt, but don’t wreck yourself. Tomorrow’s a brand new day.

3. Do not email at the start of the your day.

While I do not dispute the communication aspect of email at all, it often is a great distraction and triggers a need to answer each one immediately! Dedicate certain time sections in the day to reply and check email messages. Be your productive best first, the compulsive emailer can come in later.

4. Breaks are important too for your workplace productivity!

Studies suggest that for every one hour of work, a break of about 17- 20 minutes is essential. Do not drain your brain out, schedule your breaks and get some well deserved rest.  Use that time to get away from your computer screen, do some eye exercises, take a small walk, grab a snack – generally think about literally ANYTHING else other than work. 🙂

5. Hydrate yourself, avoid eating heavy and get in some exercise .

While coffee may the greatest day booster, avoid drinking large amounts of it. It may get your high but its lows are the worst. Also – don’t eat full fat, heavy foods that will make you lethargic and drop your energy levels. Eat salads and drink plenty of water in the day to keep that brain of yours – fresh and productive! Give yourself a 5 min break every hour or so and stretch yourself with some chair/table exercises!

6. Restrict your social media diet

That one tweet, that one FB notification, that one pinterest board – yes social media is DRIVEN by real-time interaction and engagement, but it’s either that or your work. Set out certain times in the day for your dose of social pills and don’t let it impair your productivity. That way your online and corporate life are both given TLC!
We really hope these tips get you into your best productive shape and kick your brain efficiency up a notch or two! Remember a productive you is a happy you.
Have some productivity tips of your own? Share them with us and it could get featured in an article on the Whatfix blog!

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