Offering good customer service is not every business’s cup of tea. While most of them vouch being there for their customers 24/7, there are only a handful that actually manage it.
Most of us have encountered a customer service representative via email or call who can be termed downright horrendous, or in other words, incompetent. We have spent hours on calls either trying to get through to one or seeking solutions to our concerns.
While it can be amusing at times, taking a chance with customer service – especially if you’re a small business, is a strict no-no. So here are 8 words/phrases you need to do away with from your dictionary while offering support or customer service:

1. As per the rules..

Though everyone understands that there are set guidelines laid down by businesses around their products and services, this phrase is our top must-avoid. It makes the customers feel you will not do enough to resolve their issues or they are to be blamed for the issues they face.

2. Can’t

The only thing that this word can mean to the customers is, ‘I am not willing to give you a solution to this problem’. And that’s exactly what bad customer service is. If you’re overworked and think the issue at hand can’t be dealt with single-handedly, seek help from those in your team instead of turning away the customer.

3. No

Irrespective of how hard the task at hand is, there is absolutely no customer out there who wants to hear a ‘no’. Instead, tell them how difficult the job is, walk them through the process in brief and offer them, atleast some kind of a solution. If that requires you to coordinate with someone else in the team, let your customer know about the same. But never turn away a customer with issues.

4. You’re wrong

No matter how small the customer’s concerns are, ‘you’re wrong’ is only going to get you associated with argumentativeness. Remember, the customer is always right. And when he’s not, you address his issues to make him right.
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5. That’s just unreasonable

Never tell your customer that he is being unreasonable – even if he is. Everyone’s open to reasoning when you use the right tone to deliver your message. Lead your customers to self-realization associated with their demands by walking them through your products/services step-by-step.

6. Sir/Ma’am

If you’re still addressing your customers this way, your customer service training programs need to need to include personalisation. Since it is difficult to judge one’s tone on the call, it is a good idea to avoid these gray areas and use either first names or last names instead.

7. Not part of my job

There is nothing worse than telling the customer what your job profile covers and what it doesn’t. When a person reaches out for customer support, he is not expecting a counter to his concerns but a solution. And if there is an issue you have with your job, your manager needs to hear it – not the customers. A simple statement like, “I’ll work with ABC to get this matter solved as soon as possible” is a better way to tackle situations not in your domain.

8. We don’t do this, but…

No customer wants to hear a passive aggressive rant about how much your company would lose to be able to resolve their issue. While some situations might require you to go the extra mile, the tone of telling your customer the same should be self-explanatory and yet, considerate of his needs.
What’s the one word/phrase you have heard as a customer from a business’s customer support team, that you want them to do away with right away? Let us know in the comments! 
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