The time to make resolutions is upon us! 2015 is done, and what a year it has been. If you are an entrepreneur, then this is the time to sit back, strategize for 2016 and get all your ducks in order. Increasing organizational productivity should feature on the top of this list along with employee engagement and personal well-being. Take a stock of your situation, and get ready to form some serious habits, that will last you for a lifetime. Here are 8 productivity tips to bring in 2016 with a bang.

1. Prioritize, Prioritize, PRIORITIZE

The principal reason why you fail to complete all your tasks in the day is the lack of prioritization. Not all tasks are important enough to be completed in your work hours itself, and that is the mindset you need to consciously develop. Use time management tools to your assistance and rule your work day. Also, remember the 2 min rule- if a task takes less than 120 seconds to complete, do it immediately. Do not procrastinate.

2. Set realistic achievable goals

It’s a proven client management trick- inflate your targets and then kill yourself to achieve it. You might be a whiz and somehow manage to keep it under control, but that luck will not last you all your life. As an entrepreneur, it is absolutely essential that you set goals for you and your team that CAN BE MET. A little bit of an over zealous push to motivate the employees will never hurt anybody, but keep it in check. On the personal front, know when to say no, keep your sanity in check.

3. Spend good time and money on Employee Engagement

You may the boss, but you are nothing without the loyalty and hard work put in by your employees. And that is exactly why, they need to be rewarded. Engage with your employees personally, create special programs and weed out the toxic ones. Cultivating a productive, appreciative office environment is a steady process and there is no better time to start than now. Know their issues, solve them in a holistic way and increase employee retention.

4. Keep the meetings short

Kill those one hour long sessions and keep them short, sweet. The fact of the matter is, that you waste plenty of hours in a day meeting in the conference room to discuss issues which can either be dealt over email or a mere phone call. If you absolutely must, then cut them down to 15 mins each, be concise and to the point.

5. Start your day early, make the morning hours count

You may call yourself a night owl, but studies show that your productivity hits its optimum peak in the essential morning hours. Also, you’ll be amazed, how many work hours you can add to the day, by waking up at 6 am. Use the time to get a head start to your day, sneak in a workout, some family time and hit the road. It may be painful at first, but trust us, it’s completely worth it.

6. Get an exercise routine. ASAP!

Do not neglect your body. It is very rightly said, that health is wealth. Unless you feel and look good, you are going to be in a lethargic slump. A regular exercise routine will release those endorphins, give you an energy boost and point your brain in the right direction. Drink plenty of water, get on the treadmill and just feel better about yourself. Dedicate at least 45 mins everyday for a walk, run, or even some yoga.

7. Productivity tools are your best friends

Equip yourself with an arsenal of tools that range from time management to social media scheduling , and measure your every move. The more you analyze, the better you get at predicting your work patterns. This will, in turn help you create a functional routine which will ensure 100% focus on every task at hand.  Find a method to the madness!

8. And finally, find a hobby!

It may sound stupid, but a hobby is one of the easiest ways to relax and unplug from your work life. If you are walking the path of work-life integration, a little downtime dedicated to another activity, will serve as a good distraction. Thinking about a startup at all times can be consuming, a hobby is an outlet which will set your brain at ease. Calm and cool jack is a happy jack!
May the year ahead be full of productive highs and success. May 2016, be the year you conquer your productivity battle and win!
If you have any tips to share, comment below and we’ll feature it on the Whatfix Blog!

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