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Today we take a look at Vend – an easy multi device software that could prove extremely essential to your retail outfit. The ability to centralize data and product catalogs, manage customer retention and loyalty, order management, inbuilt and external payment systems, inventory management, stock transfer are just some of the features in its huge array.
Confused? Intimidated? Don’t you worry – our Whatfix flows will guide you every step of the way to becoming a Retail Boss! But first up, we strongly urge you to download the Whatfix Web extension for Chrome and Firefox.
A full tour of Vend along with its various pricing models can be found on its website – Make sure to explore thoroughly, find the right model for you and get into the system! Once you have successfully brought the product and registered yourself, these flows will get you walking and sprinting in the right mode, in no time at all.
All set? Let’s get moving!

1)Add A New Product

Starting with the small stuff, building your product catalog. Simple – just go to “Products” and choose your “type” and add as many as you want.

2) How To Add A Supplier

The core of any business – supply and demand. Hence it is very important to keep a track of your suppliers, details and their quotes. Do so with this flow. Don’t forget to click ” See Live” for a better run through.

3) How To Create A New Price Book

A price book is essentially required to know the supplier quotes which helps you in setting up prices for different stores (factoring in taxes in every country) and also according to different customer groups (Loyal club members, long term members etc)

4) How To Add A PayPal Account

If you are a business with customers and suppliers from a number of countries, a third party payment system implementation is imperative. PayPal is universally accepted and should be first on your list.

5) How To Setup Receipts For Printing

Every store you go to, notice those computers at the checkout and the small printer that gives you a printout of your bills? Well Vend is one of the softwares used to power that process and this flow shows how to these bills are generated.

6) How To Perform An Inventory Count

Inventory and its management is perhaps the single largest function of retail softwares. With this feature, you can take stock of your product catalog numbers at any point of time and even download CSV reports.

7) How To Order New Stock

As Vend allows you to maintain a roster of your suppliers, you can order stock directly via it. An invoice could also be generated at the same time, should you wish to do so. Just get to “Stock control” and get set on the rest.

8) How To Email Receipts To Customers Directly

For a copy of the invoice over email, Vend allows the management of the customer network to receive these on a regular basis. In case a customer forgets a physical bill, the email copy would be valid!

You can find all of the flows related to Vend and its operation here.
With these flows, you will be well on your way to mastering Vend for your business, train your staff to use it and make your business a well-oiled machine!