Dear Customers, 
With all of the news surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate directly with our customers about what we are doing to ensure the Whatfix platform remains operational during this disruptive time. 
We are here to serve you and want to share our plans to operate safely and effectively. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the coronavirus. We are actively following updates and directives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
We appreciate your trust in us as your Digital Transformation partner.  Proactive steps are being taken to ensure we have a fully supported infrastructure and plans in place to maintain the functionality of our platform while prioritizing the health of our employees. We have the ability to run all aspects of our business on a remote basis in the event that employees are unable to physically be present in our offices, and we are performing tests to ensure our readiness. 
Travel and visitor restrictions have been imposed and face-to-face meetings restricted to those that are business-critical. Additionally, a self-quarantine policy has been implemented for Whatfix team members who have traveled internationally as a precautionary measure.
We do not expect any disruptions to our system operations and have put contingencies into place with our operations and support team who are always ready to assist you. And we want to assure you that we continue to guarantee the same level and quality of service you are used to from Whatfix.
The following are some of the precautionary measures we’ve been taking:

1) All of our software is in the cloud. This limits physical access to the code and build systems are not needed.

2) The Whatfix Engineering team has been developing and releasing updates while working remotely in self-isolation the past two weeks. This practice will continue until the situation has improved.

3) In the event that an employee becomes indisposed, the on-going task will be assigned to another team member. Backups have been identified for each major Whatfix feature.

4) For production-related incidents, our product team has a robust alerting mechanism which is integrated with an automated system. This automated system alerts key Whatfix stakeholders when an incident occurs. If, for whatever reason, the designated stakeholder is unavailable at that time, it will automatically escalate to the next level stakeholder to handle the incident.

5) For support issues in key areas for Content Creators (Editor) or End-Users (Self Help, Smart Tips, etc.), more than one dedicated engineer will be available to ensure support is provided in a timely manner.

We will continue monitoring the news and update you on any changes on our end as the situation develops.
I want to personally thank you for your continued trust in Whatfix.
Manoranjan Ingudam
VP, Customer Success,

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