Work ain’t easy folks. Gone are the days of yore where an entire organization could forge out its existence and run on just email for communication and productivity. The new world is full of tricks, apps and services that can boost your professional performance! The biggest need or “work” that an organization, be it full-scale or even a startup, is that of integrating all the essential day-to-day services/management of the its processes and have a continuous rise in productivity.
This is done in many forms – remote meeting apps and extensions, interactive flows to explain daily processes, an open office suite on the virtual cloud and even a customer relationship management tool.
Today we take a look at such a tool, Zoho, is a web-based online office suite, specially made for business operation that can help increase efficiency. And don’t you worry about navigating this big world by yourself, our Whatfix flows will make sure that every step of mastering Zoho is covered.
But first, get your Whatfix Chrome and Firefox extensions. Why? Because it is one thing to slide through the flows but the ability to do tasks on the platform using flows is amazing. The best part is that, if you follow the flow properly, you would have mastered an aspect of Zoho by the end of it. That is why this step is very important!
In this post, we will be covering: how to get started with email, create and customize reports, remote meetings and how to import your data from your earlier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. But that’s not it at all, more Zoho related flows can be found here.

1. Create Email Templates In The Zoho CRM

Emails are a key element of any company’s outbound communication. So, when you send emails, there is a good change that you would wan to customize them. So, if a certain mode of work demands a different way of communication over email, then this flow is your guy.
See it live and follow through!

2. How To Link An Account To Zoho Email And Set-up Email Forwarding

Now that you have created your templates, it’s time to you get started with your communication pipeline. Linking email accounts together helps you to stay in touch all the time and never miss a ping. If you would want certain emails forwarded to a personal account, this flow demonstrates that too.

3. Create Private Templates

Feel the need to create templates specific only to you? Look no further, just click See Live.

4. Create, Edit and Delete Reports

Reports are the backbone of any company’s growth structure. With Zoho, it’s even easier to just create and share with your contacts and colleagues. Create, edit and delete in a jiffy!

5. Schedule Reports Periodically

For the times that you might think that a deadline would be missed, you can schedule reports in advance too. That way you are free to take over another activity and increase productivity! See the flow live and weekly reports will be taken care off!

6. Remote Meeting With Contacts

Meeting with cross-country clients? Have to discuss this week’s customer reports with your team in the other hemisphere? No fear, Zoho offers a remote online meeting facility.

7. Create, Edit and Clone Campaigns

Save your new marketing ideas in the form of “campaigns” and note down those ideas. For every new product, you could create, edit and even clone earlier campaigns which have come in use.

8. How To Import And Export Messages From The CRM

If you need to keep a copy on your local system from Zoho, then Zoho needs to talk to your system. This flow explains how the process works and how messages can be saved.

Be a Zoho expert with Whatfix flows, you can find more flows here.