Glassdoor has helped thousands of job seekers around the world, find the right job and company for them. With a brag-worthy job listing and an open community where both employers and job seekers can interact, this website has a lot to offer. To a potential job seeker, Glassdoor is certainly a gold mine, that provides insider information on companies.
In this post, we will show you 7 ways on how you can leverage Glassdoor and give a boost to your job hunt. With the Whatfix interactive flows below, it will be pretty easy for you to get hold of this website. In fact, we would recommend you to try the live mode on the flows. With it, you will be able to view live instructions within Glassdoor that will guide you through completion of each task.
So all set? Let’s begin!

1. How To Follow A Company On Glassdoor?

The companies on Glassdoor share a lot of social messages like awards received, latest opportunities, interviews, reviews, etc. By using the company follow feature on Glassdoor, you can easily get access to all the information that you are interested in about any particular company.
Click on the see live button (interactive walkthrough) on the Whatfix flow below, you’ll get a step by step guidance to complete this task.

2. How To Setup Your Primary Job Search Criteria On Glassdoor

Glassdoor has millions of jobs listed. So going through each domain and finding the jobs that fit your skills might be a little tedious. This flow will show you how you can set up your primary job search criteria. Once this is set, Glassdoor will show you all the jobs that match your job profile.

3. How To Create, Edit & Delete Job Alerts In Glassdoor

One of the first things that Glassdoor asks you while signing up is whether you want job alerts. Job alerts, will send you notifications on current job opportunities that match your interests. By going through this flow, you can learn how you can create multiple job alerts, edit them or delete them according to your preference.

4. How To Report A Fraudulent Job Posting In Glassdoor

Like any other job search platform, even Glassdoor has a lot of scammers. And many unfortunate job seekers, looking for legitimate jobs, fall prey to these frauds. There is a way by which you can help fellow job seekers and get rid of the fraudulent job postings.
This flow will help you contact Glassdoor and remove them..

5. How To Connect Facebook With Glassdoor Account

Glassdoor earlier had a well-devised platform called ‘inside connections‘ that leveraged Facebook as a job search tool. Albeit, the tool is not fully functional now, but still the integration of Glassdoor with Facebook has a lot of advantages.
Here’s how you can connect Facebook with your Glassdoor account within a few steps.

6. How To Unsubscribe From All Glassdoor Emails And Alerts

If you have already found a job that you love, then you can temporarily shut Glassdoor from your life. This flow will show you how you can unsubscribe from all Glassdoor emails, updates, notifications and job alerts.

7. How To Customize Your Email Settings In Glassdoor

Instead of unsubscribing Glassdoor, you have the option to customize your email settings, such that you only get relevant notifications that you are interested in. This flow will guide you through the process.

Well, that’s it. These flows will get you up and about Glassdoor in no time. Do you like these flows? Then why don’t you try creating them on any website of your choice. Here’s how.
Know more hacks on Glassdoor? Let us know in our comments.

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