Here is the 4th chapter of our ongoing series – Meet The Whatfix Team. At Whatfix, we love to work with talented people, who contribute not only to growing our business, but also strive for a healthy work culture. So in today’s chapter, meet Aditya Kshirsagar, our Communication Manager.
Aditya is the Communication & Community Manager at Whatfix. He is a former technology reporter and PR practitioner who works with startups, helping them with their growth, marketing and public relations. An interesting factoid about Aditya, he has the highest reputation amongst all the Whatfix users.


We are looking for talented UX and UI Designers to join our team at Whatfix.
Interested candidates can apply on the following links:
AngelList   LinkedIn   Hirist
Or else, send in your resumes to [email protected].

Now, read on to find out what Aditya has to say about working at Whatfix.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I am a Journalism graduate from Mumbai University having studied at Bhavans college, Andheri. After graduating, I worked at several print and online publications whilst pursuing and completing post graduations in Human Rights (Kalina University) and IPR Management (NMIMS). Post my stint as a PR liaison for technology brands like Apple; I started working as an App Marketer with several startups as a I pursued a Masters in Online Journalism (Madras University).
The cumulative work and academic experience today are very helpful to me for identifying new growth opportunities for startups and companies alike. Technology, science and astronomy excite me and there is no better place to experience and excel with such a skill-set than at a startup.

What do you do at Whatfix?

Whatfix is an entirely new experience for me. Being accustomed to app marketing, I find a web app to be more exciting and challenging. We have a growing Whatfix Community which is helping users solve problems like onboarding, training and documentation with our free-to-use tool.
In addition to being the Community Manager responsible for growth, branding, partnerships and strategy; I also handle inbound and outbound communication for Whatfix.

What do you love about working at Whatfix?

What gravitates me towards Whatfix Community is our motto to make the web an interactive experience. Whatfix’s founders Khadim and Vara are amazing people to work with and the diligent manner in which they are putting together the core team is commendable.
Every Whatfix’er is motivated to accomplish their goal because of the work environment that has been fostered. But, what I love the most about working at Whatfix is being able to take a guilt-free post lunch nap.

What is the best memory or an unforgettable moment you have had so far at Whatfix?

There have been many moments that I have truly enjoyed at Whatfix, but to pinpoint one is very difficult. But, if I’ve to pick one it would be the time, when the team went bowling and I bowled my best game ever.

You have created a lot of flows on Whatfix. Tell us more about them?

Flows are Whatfix’s interactive guides. Find more about them, here.
There are three types of flows that I create:
1) Flows that help users with generic web tasks like blocking candy crush requests.
2) Flows that are embedded on websites using our javascript helping users onboard or understand a web-app functionality in a seamless manner. I started making these flows with Trainman and now I am actively looking to help more websites in a similar way with our #DeclutterTheWeb campaign.
3) Making flows around a web-app like WordPress, where I guide users from creating the blog to installing plugins.

What is your typical weekend like?

I love home improvements. So, I spend a lot of time experimenting and exploring DIY techniques, so far with dismal luck. If not that, then I am usually cooked up in my house playing on my PS3 with friends. Seldom do I go out and when I do, I ride around Bangalore or end up going to the local watering hole.

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