Whatfix helps users and businesses enhance their web app’s self-service capability by helping them onboard users, improve support and reduce training & documentation effort. With our patent pending technology, Flows – we allow you to create interactive guides on the web seamlessly.

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Whatfix flows can be created with a simple-to-use browser extension with just a few clicks.

Available for Chrome & Firefox

Once a flow is created, Whatfix makes them available in multiple formats like slideshow, articles, videos and live on-screen instructions called See-Live.
These multiple formats can be further integrated across all user touch points using our javascript, widget or URL. This will provide an engaging and interactive mode to hand-hold your users.

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The ability to create the Whatfix flows in different formats helps in the following manner:

Onboarding Users

If you are a business or a website who wants to guide a user through an ideal funnel, then you will benefit by embedding our javascript. This will enable you to run flows in our interactive See Live mode within your website.

How can Whatfix's javascript help you with onboarding?

Providing Contextual Help
By creating a Whatfix Self-Help widget inside your web application, you can directly provide contextual help to all your users. This Self-help widget encourages self-service among your users and helps them solve their queries through Whatfix flows as interactive live instructions (See Live) or as static slideshows.  This flow below is our slideshow format:

 Creating Shareable Documents 

The documentation and training materials can be easily created using Whatfix’s article format. Once embedded, the article will help train a user by exposing sequential step-by-step annotated screenshots’s with relevant information.
You can share these Whatfix flows as a URL in a chat, email, forums etc., that directly launches the flow.
Check out the article format of Whatfix by clicking this URL:
How to find a higher resolution version of an image you already have, using Google?

Interactive Hands-On experience

See-Live is a Whatfix feature that allows users to explore the websites on their own. By clicking on the orange “See-Live” button on your flow, users are guided step-by-step to complete a task. It is available as a stand-alone feature on every Whatfix flow and also as an embedded feature that you can use with our javascript.
Click on the orange See Live button on the flow below:

Creating training videos

Whatfix eases your effort in creating demo and training videos by allowing you to embed flows as videos. This will be helpful to bloggers and domain experts trying to explain any concept. Additionally, these flows are also exported directly to Youtube.
Watch a Whatfix flow as a Video here:

Know a service like Google Analytics, Sales Force, Mixpanel etc. like the back of your hand? Want to help other users without hand holding them? Then Whatfix flows is the perfect solution for you. With Whatfix flows, you save time, energy and a lot of heartaches that go with creating content in multiple formats.
Work smart, Work with Whatfix.
Check out our website for  the latest version of Whatfix  or if you have any queries, reach out to us at [email protected]

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