So you have a nice business idea. Perhaps even a unique business idea! The Problem is how to start it and make it big.
Everybody knows that there is no one correct way to be an entrepreneur. We all have our own path to get to our promised land. If you eat, drink, and sleep, thinking about being an entrepreneur, then do spend a few minutes here and read this article.
There are many websites/ blogs that can help entrepreneurs grow bigger and better business. But there are many more time-sucking websites that may take away your precious work hours.  In this post, I will show you top five blogs that will help you remove thorns from your path on your entrepreneurial journey.

Top 5 blogs that should be read by entrepreneurs

Started by Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole who have educational backgrounds in business and finance, is a great blog for the young people who have the hunger to think outside the office cubicles and build successful businesses for themselves.
The biggest roadblock to the success of any business is the fear of failure. Fear of failure is worse than failure itself because it prohibits you to tap your full- potential and realize your dream.
Here you can read start-up profiles, interviews, start-up advice, crazy stories about entrepreneurs and start-up founders who were once in your shoes. Few of the best reads in this blog are as follows:
7 Subtle But Deadly Sins of Entrepreneurship
4 Essentials of Entrepreneurship
How to Do Your Best Work: Even When Your World Is Crumbling

Entrepreneurs are courageous leaders who take measured risk while accepting short-term pain for long-term gain. This amazing blog covers experiences and interviews with budding entrepreneurs, business influencers, investors, founders and others.
The site has hundreds of experts, who write about their own successes and failures, making it an exclusive destination for every entrepreneur. Some of the interesting posts on are:
15 Qualities of Smart Business People,
Should You Quit Your Day Job and Jump Into Entrepreneurship?

Young Upstarts

You are always haunted by the idea that you are wasting your life doing a corporate job.  “Young Upstarts” is a blog that focuses on stories related to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, or those who simply want to become better at what they do.
Daniel Goh, an F&B entrepreneur, started this blog. It incorporates motivational and blogging articles within the general categories of entrepreneurship. Some of the enthralling posts of Young Upstarts are as follows:
Enhancing Your Bare-Bones Marketing Budget With Public Speaking
27 Striking Facts Most People Don’t Know About Startups

Copy Blogger

Founded by Brian Clark- copy blogger can be considered as “Ramayan” of content marketing. Since its launch in 2006, Copyblogger is teaching its visitors how to write more compelling content. Definitely a marketing blog to check out! Few fascinating posts from website are
How to Decide Which Content to Sell and What to Give Away for Free
13 Simple Questions to Help You Draft a Winning Content Strategy


It is one of the best resources online for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups. This Q&A website allows you to find expert answers on all sort of questions that will help you be better entreprenuer.
You can follow particular topics of your choice, for example, “M2M”, or inspirational people, such as Jack Dorsey- Twitter, Steve Ballmer-Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg– Facebook and many more. Some interesting Questions & Answers are as follows:
What are some good small business ideas to start in India for 300,000 Rs?
Is Sundar Pichai a good programmer? On what basis was he hired at Google?
What is the best advice for a young, first-time startup CEO?
Running high-quality information across the spectrum from funny to inspirational, to controversial, to informational, to thought-provoking, these blogs are must-reads for anyone who’s running a business.
Beside all these top five blogs, I am listing a few more blogs that can help you enhance their business. Here you go!
Business Insider– It is an American business, celebrity, and technology news website.
Forbes.comThe website covers news related to business, technology, stock markets, personal finance, and lifestyle.
AngelList.comIt is a US website for startups, angel investors, and job seekers looking to work at startups.
EpicLaunch.comIt is a young entrepreneur blog that provides outstanding tips for advancing your entrepreneurial career.
StartupCompanyLawyer.comThe website answers to all your legal queries.
ASmartBear.comIt is all about marketing, entrepreneurship, ideas, tips, and geeky stuff from Jason Cohen, founder of WP Engine and Smart Bear Software. It is unofficial guide related to social media.
TED.comTED today shares ideas from a broad spectrum — from science to business to global issues.
I am sure there would be a lot more blogs/websites that could have been in this list. But instead of putting a long list of websites, I would rather prefer to hear your thoughts on which entrepreneurial blogs inspire you the most.
Do let us know about the blogs that you subscribe to, in our comments section.

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