Booking tickets on IRCTC is a cumbersome job for mere mortals like us. With booking a confirmed ticket being a Herculean task. The nagging question for most IRCTC users is — would my ticket be confirmed? And that’s where Trainman comes in.
Trainman is a data backed waitlisted railways ticket predictor. In simple terms: it digs through historical IRCTC booking data and gives you the probability of your ticket being confirmed even before you book it. Founded by Mohd. Amir, a year ago, it is a rapidly growing website.
Trainman is gaining a lot of traction amongst IRCTC users and they are using Whatfix’s flow on their homepage for onboarding their first-time users. Since, integrating Whatfix’s Flow, they have successfully onboarded more than 1,00,000 unique visitors.
We talk to Mohd. Amir about his unique venture and experience of using Whatfix.
Whatfix: What does Trainman do and how did you get started?
Trainman: We are a waitlisted railways ticket predictor. It’s a train website that essentially predicts if a waitlisted train ticket will get confirmed or not. You can get this prediction even before booking your ticket, hence it helps you in planning your train journey confidently.
Whatfix: What was the pain point and how has a data oriented approach helped you solve it?
Trainman: Indian railways has a big user base and a lot of users face the problem of waiting tickets. Once all seats in a train are booked, IRCTC provides waitlisted ticket. So the user is left in a perilous state and is not sure if he will be able to travel on that train. Trainman gives the user, information in advance as to whether to start looking for alternatives or not. The prediction is completely data based. Trainman uses a list of 5 million historical PNRs and uses that data to run its prediction, hence obtaining an accuracy greater than 85%.
Whatfix: That’s amazing use of the data. Tell us more about how integrating Whatfix flows helped you onboard users?
Trainman: Since trainman provides a completely new perspective of booking train tickets, a lot of new users are not sure how to use it. We are using Whatfix to educate users about our intuitive features.
Through Whatfix’s flow, users get an onboarding experience like never before. It allows them to understand the basic features of the website, which puts them at the comfort for later visits.
Whatfix: What do you like the most about using Whatfix? 
Trainman: I was surprised when I saw the flow made by a user on Whatfix. I liked the simplicity of the flow and the availability of embed options. The fact that it is so easily pluggable into any website is amazing. Additionally, Whatfix provides a lot many options to the site owners for integration.
Whatfix: What does the future look like for Trainman?
Trainman:  We are becoming more and more popular with IRCTC users, accumulating more than 20 thousand user visits per day. We are in the process of incorporating more and more features for users.
Whatfix: Why would you recommend Whatfix to other startups/websites?
Trainman: Whatfix is a great tool for onboarding users on any website.
Check out Whatfix Flow in action on Trainman. Note: Try incognito mode, if you are a returning visitor.
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