Leading eCommerce websites across the globe, today are building upon the marketplace model that once was pioneered by eBay. Website’s like Amazon and Alibaba are encouraging sellers to sell the wares online by piggybacking on their platform and logistics. This is a win-win situation for the eCommerce website and the vendors/sellers.
While this might seem like capitalistic utopia, there are a lot of challenges that websites face in the seller’s lifecycle. The biggest challenge being onboarding a vendor with ease. Companies are pouring in a lot of time, effort and money to simplify the process. But verbose articles, lengthy videos, and the likes aren’t solving the issue.
In this post, we will explore the challenges that eCommerce sites face with vendor onboarding and how Whatfix can help.

Why vendor onboarding is a challenge for eCommerce websites?

All eCommerce marketplaces are putting in a lot of effort into vendor onboarding with training sessions, video tutorials and a lot of documentation as a part of their induction program. But instead of helping vendors come on board, it leads to confusion.
For example, eBay has a dedicated section for vendors onboarding while Amazon has a string of video tutorials. But are these really that effective?

What are the problems that the vendors face?

– Comprehending the standards and procedures put through in the training sessions
– Understanding and completing the arduous registration process
– Procedures to upload and showcase their products online
– Changing the product description & pricing as per different categories
– Coping up with periodical promotions hosted by the marketplace
– Setting up and maintaining the inventory
– Cluttered help and support system
– Last but not the least, ways to reach prospective buyers

What can Whatfix do to help?

With Whatfix, you can provide contextual help to vendors with interactive on-screen assistance. This is made possible with our patent pending technology called Flows (a.k.a interactive walkthroughs), which will allow you to create interactive guides using our browser extension to capture your vendor’s attention.
Whatfix walkthroughs can be used to find solutions to all the aforementioned problems:

1. Training vendors on a live product

Whatfix has a feature called See Live, which will allow your vendors to view the walkthroughs on your website as live instructions. This will help you minimalize the efforts that you have put into training programs and will help you hand-hold the vendors through an ideal funnel experience.
To get a preview of this feature, Click on the orange See Live button on the flow below. This flow will show you how Whatfix eases the selling process in Amazon Seller Central.
Note: You must sign in into Amazon Seller Central to view this flow live. For this, install our extension and then click on See Live. (If you don’t have an account, use this dummy account: Username: [email protected], Password: whatfix)

2. Creating training documentation with ease

Whatfix walkthroughs can be created easily by anyone on your team using Whatfix’s browser extension. These flows can be automatically converted into multiple formats like slideshow, videos, and articles which will further simplify documentation and ease the initial learning process for the vendors.

3. Live contextual help for vendors

By embedding our javascript on your website, you will be able to provide live contextual help to your vendors on-site. Along with that, you can also embed our Self-Help widget, that will help you create an interactive support section. By doing this, you can easily convert your help and support page into a fully fledged knowledge base, that answers all the on-site queries.

4. Monitor the vendor support efficiency

Whatfix uses Google Analytics for tracking usage data. Using this, you will be able to monitor walkthroughs and its usage. We already have created predefined dashboard & custom reports to ease your effort.

5. Get vendors accustomed to changes on your website

A flow can be edited anytime after creation. This function is helpful in case there are any changes in the website layout or if the created flow was found to be broken.
By effectively using Whatfix, eCommerce marketplaces will surely be able to guide their vendors through an ideal funnel experience. This, in turn, will help with onboarding and improving engagement on-site and subsequently reach their prospective clients.
For any further queries, you can schedule a demo on our website or contact our sales team.
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