In the last few months, we have been seeing a lot of traction in our flows that were created to help people out, for a common concern. At first, we saw that the traffic was channeled through the Whatfix flow, ‘How to vote for Net Neutrality in India’ and then it was via the flow embedded in our blog post, ‘Donate money to Nepal.’ Both these flows were intended to guide people through a long cluttered process and it worked out really well.
Expanding upon that thought, we were thinking how other websites can utilise Whatfix for free and help themselves out. So we decided that, through this post, we would show you how Whatfix flows help people navigate and get onboard various useful websites.
To see how Whatfix flows can help, install our Whatfix Flows Editor extension for Chrome or Firefox and click on the orange See Live button on the following flows.
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Here we have flows on 3 top NGO websites, trying to aid people around the world.

1. is the world’s largest petition platform. Through this website, it is possible for anyone to start a campaign for a particular cause and mobilise hundreds and thousands of people to support it. See this flow live to learn how to file a petition in this website.


Milaap is a mission driven organisation based in India, that has changed the way people fund and impact communities in need. It is a channel through which people can financially assist the poor, by loaning them money incognito. Once the funds are transferred, the lenders can transparently track repayments and also see the impact created with their help.

3. HelpAge India

HelpAge India is a leading charity in India whose mission is to help the disadvantaged elderly. They coordinate the way in which people can influence the life of these destitute elders through welfare projects, volunteer campaigns, free surgeries and financial help. This flow will show you how to support this cause.

As you have seen in these 3 examples, Whatfix can help a lot of people navigate through websites and fulfill the purpose of the flow. And all the more, it can be integrated into the websites easily and can be used as a ‘Take a tour’ feature.
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How to integrate Whatfix to your website?

To integrate the flows directly into your website, you have to use our javascript. By integrating our javascript, you can remove the extension dependency on the flow and further tailor the launching of the flow.
This flow will guide you through the process of integrating our javascript into your website. Click on See Live:

From our experience, what we learned is that people always love an engaging web experience. If they have a simple flow, that can guide them through a process and help them finish it in a few steps, then that would definitely be valued!
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To know more about, how to integrate Whatfix with your website, contact our community manager, here.

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