Here is the 5th chapter of our ongoing series – Meet The Whatfix Team. At Whatfix, we love to work with talented people, who contribute not only to growing our business, but also strive for a healthy work culture. So in today’s chapter, meet Gokul Suresh, our Content Marketer.
Gokul is the content guy at Whatfix. He’s an avid web surfer and a social media junkie, who spends most of his time online, reading articles or Googling for more. Gokul’s qualities like curiosity and the will to learn keeps him on his toes in the startup world.


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Here’s what Gokul has to say about marketing content at Whatfix.

Tell us a little more about yourself.

I am a Computer Engineer from Calicut University, Kerala with a passion for writing. This passion led me to my first job at F.A.C.E, Coimbatore, where I worked as a Content Analyst and after that, I joined Whatfix.
Over the last couple of years, I’ve developed a lot of interest in digital media and marketing. This interest, along with my passion for writing, and my skills in technology, gave me an opportunity to build a career in this field.

What do you do at Whatfix?

As of now, I create and publish content. I handle Whatfix’s blog and my primary objective is to attract the right audience with relevant posts aka inbound marketing.
I am still learning the ropes in marketing content, and so far Whatfix has given me an amazing foothold to pursue this thrilling career.

What do you love about working at Whatfix?

It’s the people, that makes Whatfix an amazing place to work at. I love working with the cofounders of Whatfix, Khadim and Vara, who give me the morale boost, and my fellow colleagues, who support and discuss their ideas freely with me.
Along with the opportunity to learn and expand my skill set, at Whatfix I have the freedom to voice my opinions and own what I do. More importantly, I love it when our pantry is full of goodies to eat.

What is the best memory or an unforgettable moment you have had so far at Whatfix?

Net Neutrality is a burning topic in India and rightfully so. A couple of months back, there was a petition that was started by internet activists to vote for Net Neutrality in India. I created a Whatfix flow that helped people to vote for Net Neutrality in India. Being a burning issue at the time, it was a huge success and the best part was that the flow was picked up by Huffington Post India for one of their articles. It was absolutely surreal!
Such amazing was that feeling that I keep chasing that surreal high every time that I write. I felt the same way again with another post that I wrote — 10 Awesome Job Search Tips For Engineering Graduates In India. My aim with the piece was to help out engineering students and I’m glad that it was received so well.

You have created a lot of flows on Whatfix. Tell us more about them?

Flows are Whatfix’s interactive guides. Find out more about them, here.
I have created 84 flows on Whatfix Community so far. I create flows with the aim of using them in the blog posts. The flows that I create are embedded into the posts that I write. So, I make it a point to create a series of flows, so as to help users to get started with a certain web application. For example:


What is your typical weekend like?

I don’t have a typical weekend, they are all different.
My plans are always spontaneous. So normally I end up making instant plans with my friends and then just go with the flow.
But if I am at home, then I usually spend my time reading, learning a new skill, maybe working on a few write-ups for my personal blog or something more creative like composing a song. And If I am not in the mood for anything productive, then I cozy-up and binge watch sitcom’s or movies.

Describe Whatfix in one word.

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