Whatfix Release Notes: January 2022

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It’s a new year and the Whatfix product team continues to launch new product features and updates. 

Across 2021, Whatfix launched 50+ new features and enhancements across web, desktop, and mobile platforms. We’re kickstarting 2022 with a batch of updates aimed at improving your content authoring, analysis, and consumption experience.

Whatfix New Feature Releases & Updates in January 2022

Here are some of our biggest updates we’ve worked on since our last release in November

1. New Notification Center in your CLM Dashboard to keep content authors and administrators up-to-date on new content activities

The CLM (Content Lifecycle Management) dashboard receives a very useful upgrade in this release – and one that was requested by a customer

Notifications are a non-intrusive way of sharing updates with content authors and administrators to keep them informed on key activities such as content stage movement, push-to-production, and deletion updates. These notifications can be used as actionable insights or just FYI messages.


The ‘filter’ capability lets you view only certain notifications that are relevant to you. The current email notifications will continue as it is.

CLM is currently in closed beta and will be enabled for all customers very soon.

2. Enhancements to User Actions to gather deeper insights on how your users’ behavior inside your application(s)

The number of events you can capture with User Actions has increased from 200 to 1,000. And more data means richer insights. 

You will now have the ability to identify several more opportunities to minimize digital friction inside your app – improving the overall user experience.


The new ‘Preview Mode’ allows you to preview engagement widgets, triggered by User Actions, before they go live to your users. This allows you to have more control over what you show to your users in your application.

3. Analyzing flows with Auto Testing improvements

Auto Testing, our proactive maintenance tool, was launched in November 2021 to eliminate the manual testing hurdle across all your digital applications. 

With this release, we make it easier and more streamlined for content teams to analyze why their application flows are breaking. With detailed flow visuals in the Auto Testing dashboard,  you can now see reasons for the failure,  as well as recommendations from Whatfix on how it can be corrected.

4. Better Self Help content recommendations with Whatfix personalization

With Whatfix, thousands of users learn about applications & adapt to digital change every day. Each of them uses different sets of content & training flows specific to their role and time of need inside their application. 

With Whatfix personalization, all users can now find the most relevant feed of content in their self-help section, based on their past usage patterns. All of this is done in a secure manner without using additional data points. This not only saves time in search time, but also widens the scope for seamless upskilling & additional training of employees.

5. Tighter security with end-user authentication

With end-user authentication now enabled, you can validate that your users access Whatfix content only when their login is authenticated with company credentials. With this release, an extra layer of security is enabled for all cloud deployments.

Coming Soon

Whafix for Desktop applications is set to become a whole lot smarter in 2022 with a host of new features including contextual Self Help and Smart Tips.

Soon, customers running Whatfix on select desktop applications will be able to surface contextual, just-in-time content to their users to reduce friction and eliminate user errors.

Questions on Whatfix product updates or new features?

If you’re a Whatfix customer, please reach out to your Whatfix CSM for more information on these features or access our entire release notes history here.

If you’re not yet a Whatfix customer, we’d love for you to connect with us to learn more about how Whatfix can help you drive digital adoption in your enterprise.

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