Whatfix Release Notes: November 2021


After a featured-packed Q3, we’re back with a bite-sized release to close out 2021. With this release comes the promise of many exciting releases in early 2022 to continue strengthen Whatfix, making it more powerful than ever before.

Whatfix New Feature Releases & Updates

Here are our biggest updates and releases we’ve worked on the past month:

1. Maintain all Self Help learning content, links, and resources inside your application

With this release, Whatfix strengthens its immersive digital learning journey inside any application. Users with Whatfix on their application will now be able to view any contextual support link in the same tab as the Self Help widget, as shown below:


This includes both static external links and knowledge base links that open as a pop-up inside Self Help. Users will no longer be redirected out of the application while accessing support articles – furthering our mission to empower individuals while in the flow of work. 

To enable this, go to the Widgets section of your Whatfix dashboard and follow the following steps, as seen below:


You can now customize both the position and size of the Self Help pop-up as well, including its position and size. 

  • Pop-up position: You can now align pop-ups to the left, right, or center of the screen.
  • Pop-up size: You can now choose between medium and large pop-ups. Medium occupies 80% of the application screen height, while large occupies 100% of the screen height.

This feature will be rolled out to all Whatfix customers on December 1st.

2. Auto Testing now live on all applications

Whatfix Auto Testing, launched last month for Salesforce and Icertis, is now available for testing Flows, as well as proactive maintenance across all digital applications. You can now run test cases in the desired order, creating a smooth end-user experience across any of their applications.

A Sneak Peak at What’s Ahead in Early 2022

Here’s a quick preview of what’s coming in early 2022:

1. An enhanced Creator experience with Whatfix Studio and Content Lifecycle Management

You will soon be able to experience a more simple, clean, and consistent UI for content authoring, as well as easier organization and content management within the Whatfix Dashboard with Content Lifecycle Management as seen below:


2. Smart auto completion of user search terms within Self Help

Based on a user’s initial search string, the search term will be auto-completed inside Self Help, allowing for a more intuitive and helpful end-user experience.


If you’re a Whatfix customer, please reach out to your Whatfix CSM for more information on these features or access the full release notes here.

If you’re not yet a Whatfix customer, we’d love for you to connect with us to learn more about how Whatfix can help you drive digital adoption in your enterprise.

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