Whatfix Product Adoption Platform provides just-in-time learning and support within Oracle Cloud applications to boost adoption and improve user performance.
San Jose, California. Sep 22, 2017: Whatfix, a leading Product Adoption Platform, will demonstrate its product adoption suite at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017 in San Francisco between October 1-5. Whatfix can be approached at Booth No. 4008 at the event for a live demonstration of the platform.
Whatfix is the only Product Adoption Platform in the world to be SCORM and DITA compliant. At Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Whatfix executives will demonstrate how the platform can be used on top of Oracle Cloud to spur end user adoption, cut support and training costs and increase employee productivity.  
Whatfix’s learning philosophy is closely aligned to that of Oracle believing that people only remember 10% what they read but can recall 90% of what they do. Whatfix’s platform allows organizations to create interactive walkthroughs within Oracle Cloud applications to guide users through various process flows and provide experiential learning. The platform also allows organizations to deploy Universal Help widgets within the same applications for users to obtain just-in-time support without support team intervention.
“One of the biggest hurdles in the success of Oracle Cloud implementation is product adoption at the end user level. Companies can’t afford to simply load employees with training information about applications and expect them to perform immediately,” Khadim Batti, Cofounder and CEO, Whatfix, said. “Our platform solves this problem by allowing companies to hand-hold and lead users through Oracle Cloud applications so that they learn while doing.”
Whatfix’s platform also provides access to advanced analytics using which organizations can understand and measure learning outcomes for their users.
Companies interested in interacting with Whatfix can fill in the form here. Alternately, they can also directly approach the company at Booth No. 4008 at the Oracle OpenWorld 2017. 
About Whatfix
Whatfix is a leading B2B SaaS based Product Adoption and Performance Support platform, that helps enterprises and businesses simplify their training and support efforts with easily accessible contextual information. Whatfix’s platform is built with real-time interactive guidance technology at its core, which helps users achieve optimal performance by providing just-in-time guidance that enables them to perform tasks quickly and efficiently.

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