Slack has quickly risen to be one of the most preferred communication media in start-ups and enterprises. The service has blown up in a big way, so much so, that even Stuart Butterfield, Founder & CEO of Slack, claims that he doesn’t have a clue as to how this has come to be. While Stuart figures out where Slack’s growth and adoption are coming from, we thought of introducing and getting you accustomed to this amazing service.

Before we start, here is a nifty tip, instead of browsing through the slideshow, click on See Live (the orange button). With the help of our interactive guides, you will be able to start using Slack in no time.

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Getting Started

Click on the flow below to get started with Slack.


Get live instruction inside Slack by clicking on the Orange ‘See-Live’ Button.

Streamline Internal Communications

Slack allows communication with a segmented chat feature. This flow will show you how to create channels and further streamline your communications individually and as a team with Slack.

Slack’s Flex pane menu

Slack offers a menu button that allows you to expand its chat window to access different activities happening on the team page.

Customize your presence on Slack

Slack provides a lot of options to make your Slack experience personalized. You can use the following flow to make your profile cooler.


Easy integration of services

You can get notifications from Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, MailChimp and many more services right into Slack. Check out this flow to integrate your favorite services.

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