A few months back, I wanted to apply for an Aadhar card, but I flipped a table instead. The whole conventional process was so frustrating, that I felt it would be better if I just pretend to have one, instead of actually going through with the prolonged process.
When my frustrations peaked, a friend of mine suggested that I apply for the Aadhar card online. What seemed like a novel idea soon turned into my personal nightmare. The website was so cluttered with navigational issues and usability flaws that I felt it was better to go through the ridiculous conventional process rather than trying to figure out a way through the website.
Empathizing with the many who went through the same frustration while applying in the Government websites, I decided to use Whatfix Community and fix these issues once and for all! For this matter, with the help of few fellow Whatfixer’s, we created Whatfix flows on some of the major Government websites which are cluttered and confusing.
To make the maximum out of these Whatfix flows, I suggest you to click on the orange See Live button on each flow and go on by installing Whatfix’s Flow Editor for an interactive and engaging experience. Once you try it out, I am sure that you will voluntarily prefer the live mode instead of the usual.
Also, If you like our methodology, then why don’t you become a Whatfixer and create shareable and useful flows on such websites. It’s quite easy and fun!

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Now, let’s move on to the flows that I mentioned before. Here you go:

1. How to check the Aadhar card status and download e-Aadhar card

Aadhar card, since its first issue, has been muddled up in a number of controversies. And even after that, the government made it a compulsory identity proof for all the Indian citizens. Making it more of a pain than a necessity. So to avert the ongoing annoyance, while solving the existing issue, here are two flows that will help you track your original Aadhar card process and also download a makeshift e-Aadhar card.

How to check status of Aadhar card application?


2. Applying for Passport in India

Another persistent issue that we face is applying for an Indian Passport. The long wait at the passport control office has never been too pleasant for anybody. And the alternative option of registering via the Passport Seva Kendra website also isn’t much of a help due to its overly messy outlook. So here is the flow that unclutters this website by showing you how to register for your fresh passport, in a few easy steps. Make sure you hit SEE LIVE and get the best possible instructions live, throughout the registration process.


e-file your Tax return

Many a time, I have seen ads of third party websites and CA’s who voluntarily help in filing our taxes online, for a nominal amount. The success of these shady businesses shows how dependent we are on others for such easy personal tasks. This Whatfix flow is a simple solution to this problem.


Securely store all your government issued documents in Digilocker

The Government of India recently launched this brilliant service that allows us to store and manage all our government issued documents digitally. With this service, the government aims to ease things for the citizens by allowing them to share e-documents and minimize the use of physical ones. Learn how to set up your account in Digilocker by viewing this flow live.

Checking Employee Provident Fund Balance Online

This facility has been very fruitful to all EPF members across India. This flow will show you how to check your EPF balance and setup an SMS notification for it, even without creating a web profile in epfindia.gov.in. The only prerequisite is that you must know your EPF A/c number.

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