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In-App Digital Guidance

Walkthroughs for Goal-Based Guidance

Guide users with step-by-step walkthroughs that can be created with zero coding. Walkthroughs are a great way to deliver goal-based guidance that matches a user’s role, competence, and location in the application.

Zero-Coding Content Creation

Create content with zero coding. Whatfix is intuitive and guides you through the steps to create the most effective content with no dependence on your IT team.

Automatic, Precise Targeting

Automatically create segments for deep personalization and better targeting, based on the user’s specific needs and where they are in the application.

Condition-Based walkthroughs

Use branching to create walkthroughs, based on conditions, that support complex workflow needs. Whatfix’s UI provides guided navigation to create flows in an easy, simple manner—without any need to code.

Assurance That Data is Accurate

Validate data in real time to ensure that users enter data accurately, every time. Check for valid formats, conditions, field lengths, and mandatory field completion.

Optimization For Users Who Are On-The-Go

Support mobile users and provide help regardless of how your users access the application.

User Enablement

Ability to Convert Walkthroughs into Engaging Training Content

Auto-generate content in various formats, such as videos (YouTube, Wistia), slideshows and PDFs, to use across the enterprise for more effective training and help.

Power to Create Microlearning Plans

Amplify training with microlearning plans, with tasks presented sequentially to escort the user through the lesson. Goal-based tasks are presented to users based on their competence and profile, and you can track completion.

Integration with your LMS

Whatfix not only helps you in promoting 24/7 learning, but it also helps you contextualize and measure that learning. You can make your SCORM-compliant courses available in-app and track completion in your LMS.

24/7 Self-Service

Around-the-Clock Help

Provide in-app help based on what, where, and who. Make the most relevant content available from company-wide systems and knowledge bases so users feel help is always available.

Knowledge Base Aggregation

Regardless of where your users are, you can have our unique knowledge base aggregation provide relevant, always-available help that’s adapted from all sources across the enterprise.

Alerts and Announcements

Ability to Reach Users When They Are Most Receptive

Use scheduled alerts to share important information, personalized for each user. Or make announcements about new features or changes to promote ongoing learning and adoption.

Change Management

Keep users updated about changes such as process changes and new features. Use Whatfix content to enable employees, and also highlight changes with a beacon, on any menu item.

Analytics and Feedback

Insights into What’s Working Well

Understand how users engage with your product, and leverage the insights to improve product experience. You can also see metrics on content usage, user engagement, and relevance of help content.

Feedback and Surveys

Gather feedback on each walkthrough to determine where your content creation efforts will give the best results. And Whatfix integrates with survey tools to gather user feedback from specific locations in-app to assure higher response rates.

Management and Customization

Global Rollout Management Using Multi-Language Support

Translate your content into multiple languages to support localization requirements in international implementations.

Personalization and Customization for Messages and Walkthroughs

Change the look and feel of your Whatfix widgets to make them native to your application. Your users will find it more intuitive to navigate your application.

Automatically Updated Content Formats

Author/edit only once because Whatfix applies the changes to the multiformat content everywhere.

Control Over Who Sees Your Content When and How

Take advantage of advanced options to manage how information is displayed for different users. You can also make cosmetic changes and edit walkthroughs to deliver the best user experience.

Accessibility Support and Section 508 Compliance

Accommodate those with disabilities by providing them with accessible technology; Whatfix complies with section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act, which lays out the guidelines for accessibility.

Integrations & APIs

Discover innovative ways to derive value from Whatfix using our APIs.

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