Personalize user experience, powered by data

Engage users with targeted experiences, with the help of behavioural data, across enterprise applications

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Enable bi-directional data exchange between
apps and Whatfix

Contextualize Help Content

Segment Whatfix Help content based on user attributes from
other applications

Drive user engagement

Personalize in-app messaging with the help of behavioral data, and improve engagement

Enable data exchange

Automate bi-directional data flow between your apps and Whatfix securely, at scale

Connect your everyday apps with Whatfix

As part of its Open Ecosystem, Whatfix now integrates with diverse enterprise systems including CRM, HCM, Knowledge Base, Communication & Collaboration platforms, Analytics platforms, Survey tools, Video platforms, etc.


Unlock the full value of your applications

Segment Whatfix Help content based on role, function or any other attribute of the user as available on SuccessFactors

Send analytics data from Whatfix to Salesforce for reporting. Use any attribute data from Salesforce to segment Whatfix Help content

Integrate with Google Analytics to obtain insights into application usage. Segment Whatfix content based on GA segments

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