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Digital Adoption Instructional Designer

About the Certification

Whatfix certifications are designed for different personas to measure their knowledge and also real deployment skills.
It help professionals establish credibility with both their employers and the greater SaaS industry.

This certification empower professionals who are likely to get involved with flows development and
content creation using Whatfix.

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Learning Resources

Certification exam would evaluate participants for the knowledge gained through the four suggested
courses listed as follows:

Overview of DAS, &

Learn the fundamentals of Digital Adoption Solution and how Whatfix uses these Solutions to improve user experience of an application/platform.

Content Creation & Consumption Formats

Learn everything about content creation using Whatfix, understand various output formats and optimum use of best practices for your application.

Whatfix Widgets & Content Contextualization

Learn the basics of how to setup and configuration of Whatfix widgets and understand content contextualisation.

Instructional Design Fundamentals at Whatfix

Learn to create quality content creation using a set of instructional design principles, writing guidelines and best practices at Whatfix.

Skills and Career in Digital Adoption

Digital adoption is accelerating exponentially and digital skills gap is widening fast


Whatfix certification programs will enhance your competencies and
capabilities for digital adoption. It will help you:

  • Understand both the functionality and benefits of digital adoption solutions
  • Leverage whatfix skills to successfully carry out digital adoption practices for business objectives
  • Drive digital transformation for process innovation, change management, onboarding and efficient learning
  • Lead the modernized adoption for digital documentation and instructional design practices

Learn with this program to grow as a key differentiator for digital transformation and become a new age Instructional designer

User adoption is key to the success of enterprise-wide software deployments and we designed the Icertis Contract Management (ICM) platform to be extremely easy to use. Further, we seamlessly integrate with Whatfix so ICM users receive real-time training that is continuous and contextual. Whether new, infrequent and power users, the combination of Icertis and Whatfix delivers an easy, world-class user experience and reduces time to value for our customers.


Peter Boit

Executive Vice President,

Business Development

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