Upskill End Users Quickly with Interactive Microlearning

Deliver bursts of task based microlearning content within your web applications to upskill end users and rapidly improve competence and performance.

  • Create your own branded microlearning content on web applications
  • Skill up employees with emphasis on task based learning 
  • Provide on-demand support that is sensitive to users’ context

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What our customers are saying

“Absolutely no coding required, we were able to create help in minutes! We eliminated 10,000 support tickets!”

Paresh Naik
Senior Manager

“Simple, yet powerful! 45% of our survey respondents found walkthroughs helpful.”

Adam Shapiro
Senior Business Analyst

“The flows have been used 1M+ times. We saw 50% reduction in training content creation time, and 60% reduction in Salesforce training efforts.”

Juergen Bonifarth
CRM Support

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