2021 Global Human Capital Trends – Leading the shift from Survive to Thrive

The world has changed—and so has Deloitte’s approach to its Global Human Capital Trends research. We connected with global business and HR leaders and, for the first time ever, with workers themselves. The results are captured in our 2021 Global Human Capital Trends and 2021 special report: The worker-employer relationship disrupted.

Bring your curiosity and questions and join Chris Havrilla, Head of Technology Research & Advisory for Deloitte’s Human Capital Ecosystems & Alliances, as she shares perspectives from this research, their recent landscape research on digital workplaces, and how leaders’ views have shifted on preparedness, navigating disruption, and work transformation can navigate the evolving (and disrupted) worker-employer relationship can help harmonize work, workforce, and workplace to make work better for people, and people better at work.