Shifting to Workforce Architecture – the time is now

Research suggests it’s time to replace a siloed approach to talent management (of which L&D is often considered a part) with a harmonized view of what we call “workforce architecture,” which is the interconnected set of strategies, processes, and perspectives by which an organization deliberately and continuously synchronizes the workforce, the work, and where that work can be accomplished in order to create value and to lead through—not just respond to—disruption. But how do organizations start to shift? In this informal presentation, Julie Hiipakka from Deloitte’s Human Capital Research and Sensing team will discuss:

  • The relationship between workforce architecture and learning in the flow of work
  • The tools, capabilities, and practices that help workers, the workplace, and the work evolve and adapt no matter what’s happening
  • The changing role of learning and HR leaders as stewards, evangelists, and connectors to facilitate the shift to workforce architecture