WHATFIX + Corrigo

Corrigo Uses Whatfix Worldwide To Reduce Customer Training Costs

Company Description

Corrigo, a JLL Company is a leader in integrated facilities management solutions. With a rapidly growing user-base of their SaaS-based Facilities Management software (FMS), the costs to onboard and enable users increased disproportionately:

  • Diverse user base: including supervisors, store managers, technicians, finance managers
  • Very customizable platform: with widely varying customer instances and corresponding training and support needs
  • Frequent releases: that affect each client instance differently.

Corrigo needed a solution that both scaled and was effective, while balancing the cost and effort of organizing bootcamps to train 30-40 users at a time.

The Challenge of Improving FMS Adoption

Corrigo faced increasing customer training costs and effort with its growing user base. And their customers were experiencing high time-to-productivity on the highly configurable solution, leading to escalating support needs and compromising user experience.

Corrigo was looking for a way to effectively onboard a geographically distributed user base by providing in-application guidance. In-application guidance would augment training and optimize the user experience of their diverse user base.

“Whatfix was able to do all things: all the bells and whistles, easy to use, support folks were knowledgeable and always available. All our customers that have seen our product with Whatfix interactive guides have loved it!”

Scott Mandery
Training & Content Development Manager

Reasons for Choosing Whatfix

Corrigo chose Whatfix for the following reasons:

  1. Versatility : Customizable solution that supports a broad range of use cases
  2. Ease of Use : Compelling set of easy-to-use features
  3. Quick ROI : Quick time-to-value compared with others solutions that had steep learning curves.

Smooth Transition to the New FMS Platform Using Whatfix

Whatfix has become essential to Corrigo to engage users and provide a smooth transition for customers moving to the new version of the FMS platform.

Interactive, Digital Guidance: Goal-centered, interactive walkthroughs that are automatically contextualized using Whatfix Smart Context to guide users on the platform. Using these, Corrigo customers and employees are able to navigate through the application and complete all tasks, basic or advanced, self-sufficiently.

Multi-format, Self-Service Content: Corrigo attaches useful videos and reuses existing support content (such as articles, white papers) to fill gaps in user knowledge. Corrigo augmented their bootcamp training using Whatfix by bolstering recall and providing in-the-moment digital guidance.

Alerts and Pop-ups: Contextualization of training enhances its effectiveness. Corrigo’s L&D understands this and inserted instructor-led videos into pop-ups that make learning available to users when it is most relevant. Scheduled alerts are also used to communicate changes, updates, and modifications to the platform so users remain productive with minimal change resistance.

Drastic Improvement in User Experience

Corrigo experienced a drastic reduction in support costs since users have been able to self-serve their queries within Whatfix. This has led to an elevated user experience, as reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback customers were sharing within the application. And their bootcamp training costs have reduced significantly since users now need to spend less time in classroom training with Whatfix providing real-time learning in the flow of work.

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