How Lazada Group Empowers 155,000 Sellers Across 7 Countries With Whatfix

Lazada Group is the pioneer of the eCommerce ecosystem and the #1 online shopping and selling destination in Southeast Asia. Lazada’s presence expands over 7 countries namely in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

As of 2018, the majority shares of Lazada Group is owned by Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA), who has reportedly invested a total of USD 4 billion in the company. The investment is expected to deepen Lazada’s integration into the Alibaba ecosystem, which will enable Lazada to tap into Alibaba’s resources to further serve consumers and empower merchants in Southeast Asia in innovative ways.

Being a constant pursuer of innovative tech, this case study is an in-depth look into how Lazada Group utilizes Whatfix to empower its 155,000 local and international sellers as well as the 3,000 brands in the region, serving 560 million consumers in the region through its marketplace.

Whatfix is an effective solution that enhances sellers’ experience. For an industry which is relatively new to most, this tool will definitely help to reduce the level of complexity that sellers face.

Justin Ong Jia Hon
Senior Regional Associate, Lazada Group

The Challenge – Curbing the Increasing Support Queries

Being the biggest marketplace in the region, simplifying user experience has always been a key strategic goal for Lazada. The first step of their strategy being helping their users to understand their platforms like the back of their hand.

For the longest time, Lazada Seller Center has been doing this via their Lazada University which is the focal point for educating, onboarding, and training all their sellers. With a coverage that spans from basic platform usability to diverse value-added content, the Lazada University offers a wide range of training selections catered to the seller’s growth journey. The popular ones being their tutorial based approach and the premium personalized coaching via seller courses, webinars, etc.

But, with the ever-improving environment of Lazada’s platform, problems first started surfacing at the product and feature adoption front. The existing sellers were facing difficulties to adopt newer features effectively, despite their training via the University content. This resulted in the increase of seller queries and subsequently in the contact ratio between the sellers and the partner support team. Adding on to this challenge was yet another good-to-have problem, that was helping with the product adoption of the new sellers who were being onboarded to the platform.

Identifying these gaps and prioritizing the resolution of these challenges, Lazada decided to find a proactive solution that not only helps them reduce the support queries but also helps their sellers with the product adoption in real-time, while also providing a self-serving in-app support.

5.5 Million
Total interactions across Whatfix help content
20+ million
Live runs of walkthroughs
Queries answered using on-demand self-help

The Solution: Proactive Product Adoption + In-app Interactive Support With Whatfix

With the main parameters of evaluation being the simplicity of the tool and its ability to be customized and integrated to the seller platform, Whatfix fits right in.

With Whatfix, Lazada instantly saw the opportunities to fix the gaps in their seller onboarding, training, and support. Since the implementation, Lazada has been seeing success with Whatfix adoption via an increase in the usage of its widgets and walkthroughs.

Key Highlights:

  • The walkthroughs created using Whatfix are highly customizable and provides step-by-step guidance to the sellers that can be easily followed from beginning of a task to its end. This provides a stronger, proactive, self-serving support for newer features. This has helped in the reduction of the contact ratio of sellers to Lazada partner support team for the related topics.
  • Whatfix is deployed in multiple languages by Lazada which is used across the 7 countries where it is present.
  • Whatfix walkthroughs are available in multiple formats (like annotated videos, slideshows, pdf, smart URL, etc.) post creation. These multiple formats are effectively used to reproduce content in newer formats for the Lazada University.
  • Whatfix’s proactive feedback gathering mechanism has been pivotal to understanding the sellers’ viewpoint to the seller center and advertently catering to their demands.
  • Moreover, Whatfix’s specialized widgets have been actively helping in measuring the Product adoption rate via its analytics insights that allow in tracking the user behavior effectively. As recorded in analytics, 55% of newly onboarded Lazada Seller Center users were engaged at the first attempt via Whatfix.

The seller community has adopted Whatfix well, as seen in the increasing usage of the Whatfix tool. We have also directed sellers to use Whatfix since it is an effective solution to adopt new tools on Lazada’s Seller Center platform.

Justin Ong Jia Hon
Senior Regional Associate, Lazada Group

The Success: 20 million Live Runs & Counting!

Whatfix has been actively supporting Lazada Group for more than a year now and the results so far have been amazing. With about 20+ million live runs of Whatfix walkthroughs, Lazada has successfully made its customer engagement effective and proactive.

With the always available Whatfix as a touchpoint for sellers, Lazada is also able to cater to all the new features that they add onto the platform. This has been highly impactful to Lazada’s business processes and has resulted in a healthy adoption rate of new tools and features.

  • Lazada’s flows have been run over 1.3 mn times in the last one year
  • Useful information has been shown over 3.6 mn times using pop-ups
  • Using self-help, about 108K queries have been answered, preventing as many time redirection to support teams.

The success of Lazada’s seller engagement and training using Whatfix stands as a testimonial to its functionalities as a Product Adoption platform. Lazada’s satisfaction also speaks about the vigilant Customer Success of Whatfix, who are available round the clock.

With this prevalent success, Lazada Group is now in talks with Whatfix to identifying newer use cases within the organization.

Whatfix has been supportive of our business, provide support almost any time when required. They respond very quickly to request and are very creative in proposing solutions. This has allowed business to be made easier and made more efficient due to the timely support.

Justin Ong Jia Hon
Senior Regional Associate, Lazada Group

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