ManpowerGroup Streamlined HR Platform Adoption With Whatfix Interactive Guidance

Company Description

ManpowerGroup NL has over 650 employees using the Connexys platform for their recruitment processes, divided over two labels on Connexys (Manpower and Experis). While a safe bet for enterprise-wide requirements, both the labels were a bit too complex for employees to grasp quickly. Furthermore, ManpowerGroup NL moved to Connexys as their new front office application, which meant they had to manage the behavioral transition smoothly as well.

Challenges Faced by ManpowerGroup

Change management and product adoption are major hurdles that businesses often overlook while adopting new technology. The process to adopt new products into their already functioning routine often takes a toll on employees and end users, causing disorder, disarray and also a possible dip in their time to productivity.
ManpowerGroup Netherlands (NL) faced a similar obstacle when they switched their workforce to Connexys, a popular application for talent sourcing, selection, and retention built on The change itself was arduous, but the more excruciating part was in accelerating their product adoption and training their 500+ employees on the platform effectively, while minimizing the overall expenditure.

As they began implementing the platform, they recognized that managing the change, getting employees up to speed, and training them continually posed a challenge that needed quick resolution. The existing methodology to manage the change was to employ change managers across the country to assist with the initial product adoption. The change managers would train the Connexys specialists (a.k.a ManpowerGroup Ambassadors) in each of the locations, who in turn helped the rest of the users with adoption.

The bottleneck in this process was that it had to be repeated every time there was a change and hence was not scalable and cost-efficient. Another crucial aspect was maintaining consistency in product adoption and in training employees after the completion of the change management process. These became the reasons why ManpowerGroup sought a product adoption solution that are not only scalable, but also multilingual and cost-effective in the long run. After exploring several solutions, they decided to go with Whatfix. The differentiating factor was the very short implementation time, proven technology, and the ROI.

The idea was to implement Whatfix initially on Connexys and then further integrate it into the other commonly used applications like Salesforce, Manpower ATS, etc.

Accelerating Connexys Adoption With Whatfix

ManpowerGroup’s implementation of Whatfix on Connexys was split into multiple phases. The integration was initiated by Connexys implementation partner, Talent Peaks, who spearheaded the product implementation for ManpowerGroup. Talent Peaks is a Whatfix niche consulting partner, based out of the Netherlands, that implements Whatfix on platforms like Connexys, Salesforce, etc.

To begin with, ManpowerGroup started with Whatfix for 200 users. To assist the product adoption on Connexys in real-time, they integrated Whatfix’s multilingual interactive guidance, which provided users with contextual help, at the time of need.

The contextual help is displayed within Connexys as interactive tooltips that guide the user from start to the end of a task efficiently, helping them perform the task without any errors. Seeing a positive response from the users, ManpowerGroup further decided to deploy Whatfix for their entire 500 users.

With Whatfix, ManpowerGroup has been able to cut down the manual aspects of their change management initiatives. Whatfix also continually enables the ManpowerGroup employees to onboard quickly and accelerate their employee training within Connexys. Whatfix currently helps all users with Connexys adoption and interactive 24/7 just-in-time help.

ManpowerGroup NL aims to implement Whatfix across all of their office locations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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