Trotec Laser Reduced Salesforce Training Efforts by 60% With Whatfix

Being one of the world leaders in the field of laser technology, Trotec Laser Gmbh has an install base of over 30,000 systems, serves customers in more than 90 countries, and employs more than 550 people worldwide. With a recorded turnover of €110 million in 2016, Trotec spearheads the development and manufacturing of laser systems for marking, cutting, and engraving materials.

With the expanse of their organization and customers base, there is little wonder as to why Trotec opted to go for Salesforce as their core CRM. Albeit, the change that was supposed to make things better was riddled with new challenges.

With Whatfix, our training and documentation efforts have gone down by 60% while creation and updating has become much easier.


Juergen Bonifarth
CRM Specialist, Trotec Laser

Dealing With Change and Streamlining Salesforce Adoption

Trotec began their Salesforce Lightning rollout with their Austria, Germany, and Switzerland divisions. They are planning to continue the process in their European and the overseas regions as well.

The initial rollout helped Trotec realize that one of the major challenges that would follow the implementation would be empowering their employees with quicker Salesforce adoption and providing consistent training on the platform to manage change. This paved the way to use Moodle, their in-house LMS, to create Salesforce training courses.

Trotec also recognized that creating these courses with Moodle would be beneficial in managing the change to Salesforce in the long run, as they are continually rolling out the CRM to all their offices. But, as they started creating courses on Moodle, they recognized that this process may not be scalable to their rollout and implementation timeline. Course creation with Moodle took an average of 30-40 days, making it yet another concern that required a quick resolution.

With the diminished time-to-value and manual effort required, Trotec decided to look for a one-stop-solution that could solve their Change Management challenge, Salesforce Adoption, and Employee Training woes with Moodle.

Reduction in Salesforce Training Efforts
Reduction in Content Creation Time

Trotec Discovers Whatfix – The One-Stop-Solution

After extensive research, Trotec determined that the solution should provide both in-application help and be able to train their employees on their LMS. After an extensive search, Trotec chose Whatfix. The differentiating factor was Whatfix’s ability to solve Trotec’s pain points effectively, while providing them with the much-needed SCORM compliant LMS training courses.

Whatfix could essentially help Trotec create real-time interactive walkthroughs on Salesforce Lightning. These walkthroughs could also be reused as a part of the Salesforce training courses in Moodle, assisting and guiding their employees throughout their training.

It is very easy to create walkthroughs that guide users on our Salesforce CRM. Great admin backend. Whatfix’s analytics is a powerful tool to see the users’ progress and train them on point.


Juergen Bonifarth
CRM Specialist, Trotec Laser

Whatfix Accelerates Trotec Laser’s Employee Training, Salesforce Adoption, & Change Management

Trotec’s employee training process primarily consists of two stages.

  • Online training – made available to all employees through Moodle
  • Traditional classroom training – direct training given to employees.

Trotec’s adoption of Whatfix, used in both the aforementioned stages, was split into multiple phases.

The first phase involved creating Whatfix interactive walkthroughs in their Salesforce Lightning sandbox environment. After creating the initial set of walkthroughs, Trotec’s focus shifted to the Salesforce training courses in their LMS, Moodle. Using Whatfix’s SCORM package support, Trotec was then able to reuse their walkthroughs in Salesforce, adding them to the training modules created on Moodle.

Since their implementation and deployment, Trotec has been successfully able to:

  • Reduce their training and content creation effort by about 60%, enabling them to reuse walkthroughs
  • Reduce training material creation time of by up to 50%
  • Measure the Moodle course completion through Whatfix’s SCORM package
  • Enable users to get live contextual help in Salesforce directly from within Moodle

After the successful collaboration with Whatfix, Trotec has plans to implement interactive walkthroughs for their other in-house applications in the near future.

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