How Whatfix Solved BMC’s 10,000+ Queries With 34 Interactive Guides

BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that uses Whatfix’s in-app guidance to seamlessly onboard users on their ITSM platform, Remedyforce. The integration of Whatfix has proved to be an overwhelming success for Remedyforce. It has been helping their new users get onboard the platform in the shortest time with absolute ease.


BMC Software, Inc. is an American technology company. BMC produces software and services that assist businesses in moving to digital operations.

BMC Remedyforce is one of the popular products of BMC software which functions as a complete IT Service Management solution built on the Salesforce’s platform. Leveraging ITSM tools and best practices, Remedyforce delivers a modern consumer experience that empowers IT to become a center for business innovation.

The in-app guided tours have provided us with a clear vision of showing customers how to perform tasks within the UI rather than taking them to another screen and telling them about it.

BMC Remedyforce Documentation Team

Challenges Faced By BMC Remedyforce

Despite their large clientele, BMC Remedyforce recognized that one of their major challenges was onboarding trial and new users. The user dropouts during the initial setup were escalating, and this became a reason to change the existing strategy and try new methodologies.

To tackle the challenge, Remedyforce decided to revamp their onboarding experience and adopt an intuitive and self-serving in-app guidance for their platform. The self-serving system could help new users understand the platform’s functionalities in real-time, all the while ensuring a smoother transition.

The next step to that was identifying a provider that could help out in implementing the idea on Remedyforce.

Sellers self-trained via Whatfix
6,00,000 +
Step executed in an year
Reduction in support cost

Why BMC Remedyforce Chose Whatfix

When BMC Remedyforce decided to implement in-app guidance, several solution providers were evaluated. Whatfix outweighed all of them and came out winning in most of the parameters of the Remedyforce evaluation criteria. The most critical one was showing the in-app interactive walkthroughs on Salesforce pages that were not controlled by the Remedyforce codebase.

With Whatfix, Remedyforce could tailor the real-time walkthroughs depending on the requirements of free-trial users. The requirements could vary from user to user depending on parameters like availability of demo data, web browser being used, user locale and so on.

Soon after they were convinced that Whatfix is the solution to their challenge, they added a total of 34 in-app interactive guides to the Summer 16 release of Remedyforce.

Now, with more than a year of integration with Whatfix and the results have been astonishing for BMC. Whatfix’s walkthroughs have reduced training requirements and time-to-productivity of new users. Also, it aids in hand-holding the free-trial users comfortably while assisting them to achieve their goals successfully.

The added advantage of Whatfix being multilingual became a boon for them as all the languages supported by Remedyforce are supported by Whatfix.

The efficiency and usefulness of Whatfix on Remedyforce have paved the way for multiple licenses for other BMC products.

Customers always told us that this type of in-app help is their most preferred way of receiving help. Whatfix’s integration will definitely accelerate the see-try-buy cycle and our team can directly impact the top line.

Paresh Naik
Senior Manager, BMC

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