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Help your users make the best use of the myriad features of Google applications. Make G-Suite Training seamless with Whatfix’s In-app Guidance and Contextual Help.

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Make G-Suite Training Effortless and Engaging

Help your employees collaborate, communicate and be more productive with better use of G-Suite applications. Deliver G-Suite Training with engaging micro-content and offer on-demand support within the applications. Bring down the time spent on finding Help and let your users focus on productive tasks. Enable your users to do more with G-Suite.

Drive employee productivity with optimum use of G-Suite applications

Delight new users on G-Suite with seamless onboarding

Help new users set up their account with an effortless onboarding experience. Highlight key features to instantly demonstrate value of the application. Kickstart G-Suite Training with a set of required tasks pushed to the user through the Task List.

Drive adoption of lesser used but key G-Suite features

Alert users at the right moment in the application hence preventing them from making an error. This will reduce the pain of the in-house legal/business team and contract manager in going through errors and correcting them.

Deliver a superior support experience

Provide users the help they require to complete tasks and the information they seek inside the application, at the moment of need. With 24×7 contextual help and self serve support, you can now reduce the massive burden of ‘how-to’ support tickets.

Drive effective change management

Introduce and promote new G-Suite features with the ‘Beacon’. Help users learn and adopt new features with interactive walkthroughs triggered on click. Communicate changes to existing features in the same manner and ease the transition.

Measure consumption and optimize Help content

Measure the usage of walkthroughs and Help content consumption with the help of granular analytics reports. Identify gaps in Help content for your G-Suite applications through the ‘Unsuccessful Search Terms’ report and optimize content in real time.

Why choose Whatfix for your G-Suite Training

Easy to create and maintain content

Create G-Suite Training and Help content and automatically convert them into engaging formats such as video, slideshow, pdf, url. Integrate the SCORM compliant content with your existing LMS to track consumption.

Rapid and flexible
deployment methods

Deploy Whatfix as a simple Browser Extension across all
G-Suite users of your organization. Avail separate extensions for Content Creators and End Users across all Browsers. Go live and generate ROI in quick time.

User Privacy and Security

Adopt the platform trusted by Fortune 500 clients trust. Whatfix is ISO 27001 and SOC2 certified and GDPR compliant. You can rely on us for security and focus on making the best of G-Suite for your organization.

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