Productivity is on everyone’s mind these days- corporate or freelancer alike. We published an article last week on the best “5 Task Management Apps To Increase Productivity” & urged users to hit us up with any apps that they might have used that helped push their work into high gear. While those apps were directed towards more of a personal productivity scale/cycle, someone did comment – ” what about bigger apps such as Basecamp etc?”.
And here we are! This post will deal with Project Management Tools to jumpstart your team’s productivity and get it soaring. Apps such as Zoho, Basecamp, Asana & Pyrus are meant specifically for businesses to run faster, be more efficient and get more work done.  So if you are manager wanting to get his team into shape or an entrepreneur who needs to increase his product output- this article is for you.

1. Asana

Asana is a task and project management suite which has a simple interface with multiple features. You can create and assign projects to single or multiple employees, have chat conversations, assign deadlines and even match workflows. It is possible to have singular as well as team conversations and these talks are saved on Team Pages as well. Onboarding is easy courtesy an intuitive interface and its integration with various apps such as Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox and even GitHub. A bonus is that users can also collaborate with other Asana Vendors as soon as they register.
4 Project Management Tools To Kickstart Your Team's Productivity - Asana

2. Zoho

Zoho is a comprehensive suite which acts as your CRM tool too. You can create projects, assign it to employees, collaborate on Zoho Mail and create an entire operating system for your business. It’s CRM side enables you to create campaigns, generate leads, prioritize activities and in general make smarter deals. It also has a mobile app for Android & iOS along with support for all Google Apps.
Check out our comprehensive guide to Zoho here.

3. Pyrus

Pyrus specializes in automation of workflows. Delegate it to the task manager and do more with your time. Collaborate with various departments via roles, an intuitive form designer and create easy flows for faster decision making. A smart inbox helps you with requests, documents and keeps you connected 24/7. Pyrus also specializes in reports detailing workflow progress by recording and tracking tasks, employee performance and time taken to complete each task. Available weekly, monthly and yearly dynamics!
Pyrus also has apps for taking your business on the go.

4. Basecamp

Similar to Pyrus, Basecamp is a seamless project management tool intended to analyze your team’s productivity at every stage. If you are in the Client Servicing business, the new feature “Clientside” keeps feedback, approvals and workflows organized for communication with your internal departments. It’s unique mix of tools such as “Campfire” for chats, Schedules, Automatic Check -ins and To-Do list make it easy for multiple employees to collaborate with teams/managers easier as it specializes on keeping a record of all work done.
Basecamp is available in mobile app versions too.

And that’s it! Now go ahead and be a master project manager!
Tell us how these apps work for you or if you have any more to add to the list. We’ll be more than happy to write them up on the Whatfix blog too!

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