Whatfix believes in customizing the pricing quote based on your unique needs. Feel free to browse through our features and talk to our people to understand the value of your investment better.

Easy Guide Creation

Whatfix guides can be easily created and edited by anyone in multiple browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Rich Display Options

With our easily customizable display options, you can choose how the guides can be displayed to your users.

Multiple Touchpoints Engagement

Interact with your users across multiple touch-points such as contextual widgets like our self-help widget, tasklist widget, smart tips (static overlays), and guided pop-ups.

Multilingual Support

Support your users across geographies. Whatfix enables you to engage your users with guides in multiple languages.

Multi Device Support

Whatfix interactive guides and widgets are supported seamlessly on web browsers and hybrid apps.


Measure the effectiveness of your user engagement using our advanced analytics.We provide insights into the viewership of a guide and their disposition.

Accessibility Support

Whatfix is fully accessible to all users as per Section 508 compliance standards.

Proactive Support & Training

We have a dedicated customer success team to support you 24/5.

Seamless Integrations

Whatfix provides seamless integration with LMS, Desk platforms, Video portals and Analytic platforms.

Works Across Environments

Our guides are supported across all your environments ranging from beta and staging to live.

Multiple Content Support

Provide help across the Whatfix widgets through multiple content like interactive guides, links, videos, embedded pdfs, etc.

Zero Code Integration

To integrate and deploy Whatfix on your web application, all that you need is a single line of code.

Smart Targeting

Are you looking to target your guides specifically for different users segments? Whatfix’s smart targeting allows you to perform user-level segmentation on different web pages.

User Level Tracking

Want to know if your users are viewing the guides. We enable you to track individual users on the basis of their activity.

Compatibility and Cross Browser Support

Your users can view real-time interactive guides irrespective of the web browser, OS and device used.

Frames Support

Yes Whatfix works well with iframes/framesets, even if they are nested.

Multi Format Support

With no extra efforts, Whatfix automagically converts guides into different formats like Slideshow, Article, Video and PDF. The best part is that all your changes need to be done in only one source to take effect across all the other formats.


With our on premise deployment model, export all the guides out in one simple click and deploy them on to your own servers.

SCORM Compliant

Whatfix is world’s first SCORM compliant in-app guidance. Whatfix can be integrated seamlessly into all kinds of Learning Management Systems.

SSL Support

SSL Support is available for websites that use HTTPS.

Professional Services

We provide consultation and implementation as per your business requirements.

ISO 27001 Certified

Whatfix complies to the notable security standard, Information Security Management System – ISO/IEC 27001:2013 by British Standards Institution Group (BSI).

One of our team members will personally contact you within 1 Business day.

What our customers are saying

With absolutely no coding or training required, our writers are able to create and integrate interactive help wizards within minutes. This interactive help is way better than the traditional text-based documentation. Thanks Whatfix!

Paresh Naik
Senior Manager, BMC Software

Whatfix has made it super simple for us to incorporate helpful visual walkthroughs into our knowledge base content. Our users are able to get seamless self-service even on complex features due to Whatfix's intuitive interface. Plus, it's a breeze for our team to create and maintain our flows!

Abbie Albright
Product Evangelist, Maxwell Health

Whatfix is very informative and easy to use. Impactful to business process and reduce a lot of headcounts to resolve customer issues.

Justin Ong Jia Hon
Senior Associate, Regional Seller Training, Lazada Group

Whatfix is excellent. It gives us the means to easily, effectively, and unobtrusively communicate to our users. And the excellent support from Whatfix in helping us make the most of the tool is unparalleled. They take the time to work with us on our own implementation, rather than some boilerplate customer care that you've seen from other organizations.

Adam Shapiro
Senior Business Analyst, Cardinal Health Canada

With Whatfix, our training and documentation effort has gone down by upto 60%. While creation and updation has become much easier.

Juergen Bonifarth
CRM Support, Trotec Laser

Whatfix combines an excellent easy-to-use solution with a very short implementation time with a flexible and competitive pricing model. Their demonstrated willingness to support, adjust and improve has helped us find a great partner for supporting us straight away and in our upcoming projects.

Steven Vastenhoud
Business Process Manager, ManpowerGroup NL

Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business


Discover How Whatfix Can Help Your Business