Why Whatfix stands out

Digital adoption platforms are not the same. While DAPs share similar features, there are core functionality and differentiators that make Whatfix the most trust digital adoption partner – from its patented technologies, customer-centric approach, and multi-product offering.


Check-markEasy no-code content creation and management
Content authors effortlessly create and maintain contextual in-app guidance across any application with a no-code visual editor and powerful element detection capabilities.
Check-markAdoption anywhere on desktop, mobile, and web apps
Whatfix supports in-app content creation on desktop, mobile, and web applications. iFrames and Citrix-built apps are supported, and our DAP for Mobile is purpose-built for optimal mobile experiences. Whatfix’s end-to-end DAP solution provides bespoke, custom solutions specific to any application. 
Check-markYour dedicated DAP partner
Whatfix provides comprehensive, white-glove customer onboarding and success services for every customer. This includes a dedicated customer success manager, a DAP program manager, content authoring support, Whatfix University, and certification programs.
Check-markMore than DAP
Whatfix is more than a DAP. Product Analytics enables organizations with no-code event tracking and Mirror provides virtual, hands-on user training via replicate sandbox environments. 

The Competition

red-xTechnical skills required
Creating and maintaining in-app content requires knowledge of CSS for content creation and jQuery for element detection, leading to complex learning curves and tedious content maintenance.
red-xPrimarily supports mobile or web-based applications only
Most DAP competitors only support web or mobile apps – but not both. Few DAP vendors provide desktop app, iFrame, and Citrix support.
red-xBasic analytics on your DAP-built in-app content
Most DAPs provide guidance analytics on in-app content usage and lack the ability for custom user event tracking, requiring third-party integrations with an analytics tool like Mixpanel, Amplitude, or Whatfix Product Analytics.
red-xNo sandbox environments for hands-on training
Whatfix is the only DAP that provides organizations with a no-code tool for quickly create replicate sandbox environments of your enterprise software, allowing you to conduct beta user tests and train users without impacting your operations and application data.
“Whatfix reimagines our training. The DAP is easy to use – even for non-technical users. It supports in-app guidance across any interface and platform. And it’s so easy to update materials, we can keep pace with the system changes. Looking back, Whatfix was one of the best decisions we have made.”
In-App Guidance
No-code content editormini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-mark
In-app resource center & knowledge aggregationmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-mark
Field validationmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
Auto translationmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
Surveys and pollsmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-mark
Usage analyticsmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-mark
Export content to PDFs, video, LMSmini-whatfix-logo-compare
Create sandbox environments for user trainingmini-whatfix-logo-compare
Desktop supportmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-markCheck-mark
Mobile supportmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-markCheck-markCheck-mark
Citrix-app supportmini-whatfix-logo-compare
SCORM compliantmini-whatfix-logo-compare
Product Analytics
No-code custom event trackingmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
Auto capture basic user eventsmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
User funnels and journeysmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
Real-time & retroactive datamini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
AI-powered insightsmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-markCheck-mark
Customer-Centric Approach
Dedicated CSM for all customersmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-mark
Content author trainingmini-whatfix-logo-compare
DAP program managermini-whatfix-logo-compare
24/5 supportmini-whatfix-logo-compareCheck-mark
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“Whatfix has helped solve many of our new user onboarding issues, and having Whatfix as a single centralized place for the latest training documentation is a game changer.”
“Whatfix Studio UI is easy to use, we can customize onboarding flows and add specific tooltips per account. We can identify problem areas our users face and take actions based on analytics.”
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