In the previous post, we talked about blogging mediums, in detail. Do go through it if you haven’t already. But here’s the gist – WordPress is still the king for blogging. And if you’re a beginner who just wants to start a blog, no matter what it is, you should just go with the free version. Yes, the self-hosted option is better if you want total control over how the content looks or say, you’re planning to make a website that will show ads and stuff.
But for a person who wants to create a blog to put his/her thoughts on the interwebs, is the best way to get started.
And that’s what I propose we do.


Right now.

It will only take you 10-20 minutes.

So, without further delay, here is Beginners Guide to Blogging
Beginners Guide to Blogging
Yes, in the time it takes to watch that Season 6 episode of Friends for the Nth time (I know, I know it was good), you’ll have your own blog up and running with the first post published.
Now, let me put on my shrink hat for a while. Don’t mind if sit on my 18th century upholstered sofa with my legs crossed.
The reason you still haven’t started a blog is because you’re thinking about it way too much. What it’s going to look like, how do I gain followers, what is SEO (lol), which keywords to use so on and so forth.
You need to get out of your head. All that stuff will only become important, and actionable, once you’ve put out content, consistently for at least a couple of weeks and you’re starting to see some traffic trickle in.
But before that, you need to get over that first hump.
So now we’re going to create a blog. It’s going to be on WordPress (it’s not up for debate), you’re not going to think too much about the name (you can create a new one later if you want), and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the first post ready to go (just copy this lorem ipsum text from here, for all I care).
If you’re feeling lazy or bored, just click on this YouTube link. It will pump you right up. Although I should say it’s filled with explicit lyrics, so if you’re at work, put on your headphones).
Now, let’s talk about how we’re going to do this.

The Whatfix Way

Here’s a quick sales pitch for the Whatfix extension (it’s the product whose content blog you’re reading right now). When you install the Chrome extension and click the “see live” button below, we’ll open in a new tab and literally hold your hand through the process. We’ll tell you where to click and what to do while you’re doing it. And this is just one example. The Whatfix community has created thousands of flows for helping you do all kinds of stuff on the internet.
It’s much more interactive than reading a 20 step list that’s fused with screenshots.
But if you want to do that, you can. In the box below, just press the next/previous buttons and you’ll see screenshots for each step (again, with instructions).
So press that “see live” button and let’s do this.

Hey there, Blog Owner

Beginners Guide to Blogging: Ideas for my first awesome blog
If you made it till here, I assume you’ve got a blog going (paste in the link to your creation in the comments below, we at Whatfix would love to check it out).
What comes next? Share that post. With the 43 WhatsApp groups that you’re part of. With your friends on Facebook. With the colleagues of your field. Get the word out.
And then write again. Write consistently. Write whatever you want. It can be just a photo with a witty comment. It can be a rant or an 1100 word letter to an abstract entity.
But just remember, write and publish consistently. That’s the only sure shot way of building an audience online.
We’re just getting started here. There’s a lot of nuance to WordPress that we need to discuss. That will come in future installments. In similar, easy to digest, guided and small packages.
See ya soon, blogger. To get updates on our blogging series, click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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