The reimagined version of Salesforce Classic, The Lightning Experience is proving to be truly exceptional. The new Lightning UI has a component rich interface that provides better visualization to its users.  And one of the components that gives Lightning its app like visualization is the docked Navigation Menu, available on the right of the screen.
In this post, we will give you an in-depth look into Salesforce Lightning Navigation Menu. We’ll follow up with more features like Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Dashboard, Feeds and Reports in our upcoming blog posts.
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What is the Salesforce Lightning Navigation Menu?

The Salesforce Lightning Navigation Menu is the revamped version of Salesforce Classic’s tab bar. It can be accessed anywhere on Salesforce Lightning and consists of views/icons that ease navigation within your Salesforce.
To help you understand the different views/icons on the Lightning Navigation Menu thoroughly, we’ll show you the Whatfix Way.
Let’s begin with Lightning Navigation Menu’s Tasks view.  

How to create a task in Salesforce Lightning?

Accessed via the Lightning Navigation Menu, Tasks in Salesforce Lightning will allow you to create, update and manage your own tasks, the ones that are delegated to others, as well as the tasks assigned to other views on Salesforce.
Click on See Live on the following Whatfix flow to learn how to create a new task in Salesforce Lightning.

How to work with Files in Salesforce Lightning?

The File view in Salesforce lists out all the files that you have access to. Filters can be used in the File view to search and find different files or group of files according to your requirement. This Whatfix flow will guide you through Files in the Lightning Navigation menu.

How to create and work with Chatter groups in Salesforce Lightning

In Salesforce, chatter groups help you to collaborate with your colleagues and acquaintances. This is really useful when you are involved in projects that require constant communication. Groups on the Lightning Navigation Menu will allow you to create public, private and unlisted chatter groups.
This flow will guide you through the process.

How to manage events in Salesforce Lightning?

The Calendar view is where you can create, edit and view your events for the day or week. Here you can view all the events that you have listed out on Salesforce, which includes the events outside your working hours.

How to work with cases in Salesforce Lightning?

Cases in Salesforce is basically customer queries or feedback. The Case View will allow your support agents, review different cases so as to provide proactive help, and your Sales team to see how the cases are affecting the sales process. Attending to the needs of your customer cases is an effective way of building a good relationship with your customers.
See this flow live to learn how to work with cases on Salesforce Lightning:

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