22 Best Sales Automation Tools in 2024

22 Best Sales Automation Tools in 2024

When you think about the actions that are essential to making a sale, you think about things that require the human touch—understanding a prospect’s needs, designing a unique solution for them, and pitching a product when it’s time to do so.

And then there’s everything else. 

A sales rep’s day naturally involves tasks that require manual effort but don’t get prospects any closer to a “yes” – at least not directly. And if you’re relying on the manual methods you’ve been using for years to navigate your sales process, you’re likely going to be left in the dust by your competitors, if you haven’t been already. 

So what’s the solution? Sales automation.

Thought of as less of a luxury and more of a necessity in today’s market, sales automation software is the answer to all your selling pain points.

What is the best sales automation tools in 2024?

  1. Whatfix
  2. Hubspot Sales
  3. Outreach
  4. Calendly
  5. Growbots
  6. Zapier
  7. Overloop
  8. ZoomInfo
  9. LeadFuze
  10. LeadSquared
  11. Pipedrive
  12. Mailchimp
  13. UpLead
  14. InsightSquared
  15. Yesware
  16. Freshworks
  17. Close
  18. Pardot
  19. LeadIQ
  20. Salesmate
  21. Keap
  22. SalesBlink

What is Sales Automation Software?

Sales automation software is a solution that automates tedious tasks often performed manually by salespeople. These tools free up sellers’ time for more pressing responsibilities. Sales automation software can significantly increase productivity and boost your business’s bottom line.

Features of Sales Automation Software

While each sales automation software has its own set of tools and features, most of them include similar solutions. At minimum, your sales automation software should offer:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Data management
  • Scheduled follow-up emails
  • User-friendly interface
  • Templates and sequences
  • Lead management capabilities
  • Automated reporting
  • Analyze engagement
  • Meeting management

What’s important for your sales team is unique to your company. Have a discussion with important stakeholders in your organization to decide what tasks should be automated and seek out software that aligns with those needs.

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4 Benefits of Using Sales Automation Software

Here are the top four reasons your sales team should be using sales automation software:

1. Streamline tedious tasks

Sales automation software streamlines tedious tasks to reduce manual and repetitive work. Instead of manually following up with prospects or potential customers, sales automation software automates the process to enhance overall efficiency.

Sales automation software streamlines time-consuming, monotonous work to free up time so sales reps to focus on what they’re best at – making connections, closing deals, and generating revenue.

Salespeople spend ~ 65% of their time on non-revenue-generating activities

2. Accelerate the sales process

With sales automation software, your sales team can draft an email campaign, publish an article, create a landing page, or post on social media all in one place. Ultimately, this empowers your sellers to accelerate the sales process by reducing the possibility of human-related errors and moving through the sales process more efficiently.

3. Increase productivity

The goal of all sales automation software is to optimize your sales efforts. By shifting time-consuming tasks to automation, sellers can spend their time handling high-touch tasks. It also allows companies to encourage collaborations between product, marketing, and sales teams, increasing productivity and smoothing out operations.

4. Reduce costs

Sales automation software can reduce staffing and other operational costs by handling tasks and processes that would otherwise require your company to hire additional people. As a result, sales teams can use fewer resources while securing more conversions, ultimately increasing overall revenue.

22 Best Sales Automation Software in 2024

Using the right tools frees up valuable time for sellers to prospect, explore, advise, and close deals. Plus, sales automation software helps personalize the customer experience at scale, which makes a massive difference in relationship building. 

Here are the best sales automation software and tools for you to consider:

oracle fusion

1. Whatfix

Whatfix helps guide, train, and support sales teams as they use sales automation software. Whatfix helps sales reps boost their productivity by eliminating time that’s usually wasted looking for help and support information, while task automation and real-time guidance can improve the quality of sales data.

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2. Hubspot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a cloud-based sales automation software tool that offers email templates, automated follow-ups and scheduling, automated data entry, and behavior tracking. The tool comes with a click-to-call dialer that makes tasks easier for sales reps, and offers a CRM tool that helps manage prospect engagement history to provide a better idea of the prospects’ interests.

CRM tool: HubSpot Sales Hub product screensho

3. Outreach

Outreach is a single, unifying place for the whole team to do their best work. Outreach helps sales reps and account executives to be more productive and consistent in their follow-up by creating automated sales outreach responses and multi-channel touchpoints. The tool features insights about key metrics and other details all in a single dashboard and offers email sequences, email tracking, a meeting scheduler, and an auto-dialer.

calendly logo

4. Calendly

Calendly helps sales teams book meetings when customers are ready to buy. With Calendly, schedule high-quality meetings directly from your website and prioritize meetings based on industry, company size, or other business requirements. Plus, all meeting-related headaches— like double-booking, adding conference details, and time-zone math—will be a thing of the past

growbots logo

5. Growbots

Growbots is an outbound sales automation platform that focuses on generating leads. Sales teams can easily reach out to the right decision-makers using the robust search feature to find the right stakeholders in seconds. Growbots also offers email personalization, automated follow-ups, multi-channel sequences, A/Btesting, instant constant lists, details monitoring of opens, clicks, and replies, and much more.


6. Zapier

Zapier allows sales teams to integrate the web applications they use and automate workflows for greater efficiency. Zapier empowers sellers to automate their busy work across 5,000+ apps so they can move forward, faster. The no-code automation platform makes it easy for anyone to create new Zaps or change existing ones to streamline customer communication and team collaboration.

overloop logo

7. Overloop

Overloop allows sellers s to quickly verify crucial contact information including names, titles, contact numbers, and more. Sales teams can create outreach campaigns with personalized emails, social touches, and follow-up calls, and analyze their performance by creating and monitoring goals. Overloop can also be integrated with Salesforce, Zapier, PieSync, or PipeDrive.

zoominfo logo

8. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is a lead-generation cloud-based sales automation software. It offers robust search functions, provides insightful details, over 50,000+ searchable data points, and lets sales teams create actionable target lists. Sellers can also get access names, titles, email addresses, and contact numbers easily to maximize sales productivity.

leadfuze logo

9. LeadFuze

LeadFuze is a lead generation tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that empowers users to access verified lead contact information – like emails, phone numbers, and social accounts – in specific roles and industries. The tool also offers double-verified emails, integration capabilities with various CRM solutions, and both account-based and market-based lead searches.


10. LeadSquared

LeadSquared is an end-to-end sales execution and marketing automation CRM. It simplifies every obstacle that salespeople face with automated lead capture, distribution, and management so that they can focus on the important tasks instead. The tool also offers sales performance management, extensive reporting, automated sales workflows, field sales management, opportunity management, and workday planning—to accelerate conversions for your business. 

The marketing automation suite, which allows automated follow-ups and lead nurturing, makes LeadSquared a one-stop solution to effectively track, manage, and optimize your entire sales pipeline.


11. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales automation tool that allows sales teams to monitor and plan sales ops. The sales automation features can push a deal forward by auto-creating a deal when a qualified lead is added or activities whenever a deal moves along the pipeline. Pipedrive’s automation features also support customer retention by allowing sellers to schedule campaigns to fuel customer interactions.


12. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing automation tool that allows sales teams to automatically push out emails depending on the time of day, customer purchase history, page navigation, and customer interest in a specific product. There are also drip campaign marketing capabilities that send a series of emails to leads over a set period. Mailchimp can also integrate with numerous CRMs, making it easy to manage your sales pipeline and email marketing campaigns in one place.

uplead logo

13. UpLead

UpLead offers a real-time verified B2B database to help drive business growth. This tool helps increase sales by empowering sellers to quickly find, connect, and engage with qualified prospects. Sales teams can optimize their existing data while searching through specific contacts and companies. The targeted lists help manage prospects and high-quality data verifies key information in real-time.

insightsquared logo

14. InsightSquared

InsightSquared‘s powerful revenue analytics and sales forecasting solutions provide insights in a flexible, easy-to-use platform. InsightSquare is an AI-run sales forecasting software that uses your company’s data to make precise sales forecasts and improve sales operations. It also features analytics reporting and data quality monitoring, and offers additional support in data intelligence.

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yesware logo

15. Yesware

Yesware is an all-encompassing sales automation software designed to improve sales task performance using advanced tracking capabilities. The software solution provides unique features like seamless integration with Salesforce, instant meeting scheduling, personalized templates for emails, and a click-to-call dialer. 

Yesware - sales tools for Salesforce
freshworks logo

16. Freshworks

Freshworks is an AI-based sales automation solution that offers lead scoring as well as phone, email, and activity capture. Sales teams can create custom activities, define their outcomes, track interactions, check in to meetings, log calls, add notes, and more. Task management becomes easy as sellers create tasks, reminders, and appointments while getting an overview of upcoming activities. 

close logo

17. Close

Close helps sales reps close deals and be more productive by cutting down the amount of time spent performing data entry tasks. Sales staff are free to spend more time calling, emailing, and contacting prospects. Reporting tools also help team members keep a close eye on the most relevant metrics.

close crm
oardot logo

18. Pardot

Pardot is aimed at helping sellers acquire more leads, populate the funnel, and close more deals. Depending on the type of business, Pardot can be used for some of the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Forms
  • Engagement history
  • Segmentation
  • Scoring
  • Grading
  • Lead qualification
  • Social media marketing
  • Multi-channel marketing
LeadIQ logo

19. LeadIQ

With LeadIQ, sales teams can get to the right prospects quickly. LeadIQ is an easy-to-use tool that helps sales reps close deals faster. All leads are housed in one place so sales reps can get in touch with them with just a click. This sales automation software also helps in making prospecting easier, as you can integrate it with other tools for better efficiency. 

salesmate logo

20. Salesmates

Salesmate is a CRM and marketing automation platform that enables sales teams to improve sales and automate customer journeys. Sales teams can manage prospect lists, execute marketing campaigns with automation, drastically improve the sales pipeline, and customize Salesmate based on brand requirements.

keap logo

21. Keap

Keap lets sales teams manage leads and contacts, automate sales and marketing processes, and manage invoices and payments. Keap provides standard automation features like automated workflows and follow-up emails. Its most distinctive automation features are its payment processing and invoicing tools. Through integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and WePay, users can automate recurring invoices and reminders throughout the CRM system.


22. SalesBlink

SalesBlink has emerged as a new lead generation tool for sales that focuses more on working smarter over working harder. The software uses cold email and LinkedIn outreach to connect with prospects quickly, while maximizing the chances of a response. With its visual campaign builder you gather leads from multiple channels in minutes and have an ideal list of prospects with its B2B company finder feature. It also helps you filter companies based on their country, industry, and team size.

Key features of SalesBlink includes

  • Manage prospects and their history on a centralized dashboard
  • Get verified emails and perform single or bulk searches
  • Filter out companies and pitch globally 
  • Schedule automated follow-ups across channels
How Whatfix can support your sales automation software adoption

Sales teams who are given the right tools are set up to thrive. But understanding how to navigate productivity-empowering tools takes time, effort, and proper training. That’s why adopting sales automation software is a smart choice to ensure your sales team is operating as efficiently as possible.

If you want to accelerate your sales process using sales automation software, consider investing in a digital adoption platform (DAP) like Whatfix to train employees using engaging in-app walkthroughs built inside your sales automation software. Set your team up for sales automation software success with Whatfix today.

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