Did you enable Salesforce Lightning Experience? We covered how to set up your Lightning Experience, check it out.
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Once you have enabled Salesforce Lighting, as an admin, your next step should be setting up user permissions. This is done by creating Salesforce lightning permission sets.

What Are Salesforce Lightning Permission Sets?

Salesforce Lightning Permission sets are basically a collection of settings and permissions that give the users, access to various tools and functions within Salesforce.
By creating a permission set, you can grant the users in your organization, the Lightning Experience user permission. So it is a perfect use case for you if you want to run a pilot of Salesforce Lightning Experience. This can also be done via Salesforce profiles. But the benefit of setting up permission sets is that with it, you can give your users the functional access to Lightning, without changing their profiles.
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Let’s start with the first tip.

How To Create Salesforce Lightning Permission Sets?

Before doing a mass rollout of Salesforce Lightning, it would be best if you tried and tested it out with a smaller group. This will tell you how well the new platform fits into your organization. To create the Lightning permission sets for your test group, view the following walkthrough.

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Salesforce Adoption
Once you are done with the creation of the Lightning permission set, you’ll want to enable the settings and permissions in it. You can do this by editing the permission sets.

How To Edit Salesforce Lighting Permission Set?

In Salesforce, permissions and settings are organized into multiple pages. The object settings page is where you can enable and set all the permissions. 

After enabling the permission sets, your next step would be assigning it to the appropriate users.

How To Assign Salesforce Lightning Permission Sets To A User?

By assigning permission sets to a user, you are giving the users, access to all the functionalities enabled in it. You can also set it for multiple users at once. And with it, you’ll be granting your users, Salesforce Lightning Experience user permission. Here’s how you can go about assigning permission sets for a user.

So there! Lightning Permission sets are assigned. And you are one more step closer to rolling out Salesforce Lighting in your organization.
In our next blog post, we will show you how you can use Salesforce’s switcher to switch between Salesforce Classic and Lighting UI. Also, we will discuss the different snags that come along when users intermingle from within both versions of Salesforce.
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