For any business – singular or many fold, organizational streamlining is important. If you aren’t structured in your thoughts, vision and actions, functioning optimally will be a nightmare. Project management softwares are a great boon in this aspect as they can arrange your work life in a few minutes and steps, so that you can spend your energy on the things that actually matter!
In focus today is one such web tool called Trello. Trello has been making waves in the productivity tool world thanks to its simple interface and multitude of features. So whether you are freelancer or even the CEO of your own startup, your journey into better organizing skills starts with installing Whatfix’s extension for Chrome and Firefox. All set? Here we go!
Trello works on the basics of what they would like to call “boards”. Each task can be listed as a separate card which can have lists, attachments, media files, comments etc. The idea is to look at it like a storyboard which flows from one job to the other – in a highly organized fashion.
The following walkthroughs aka flows will help you master Trello in minutes. Trello is free to use and can be used by registering on

1. How to create a board in Trello

As we mentioned earlier, “boards” are an essential ingredient in Trello’s menu. Boards can be used for different projects, weekly work schedule, a calendar of events – and much more. These boards are fairly easy to make and collaboration is possible with the addition of members. Tasks can also be assigned along with due dates.
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2.  How to create a card in Trello

Once the master board is titled, each activity can be put in a “card”. In Trello, your tasks will literally resemble a stack of cards and can be moved from one board to the other – without any hassles. Upon clicking a card, comments, lists, task end date and even stickers suggesting its completion, can be added. Members are free to move between cards – or between tasks, however you may choose to represent them.
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3. How to add a deadline, checklist and due date in a Card in Trello

Deadlines are present at every stage of a job and are crucial to the progress of a task and therefore, the organization. In Trello, each card can be assigned a deadline via the calendar on the right side of the screen. As the due date inches closer, notifications on your board will start to flash. If a particular task needs to be broken down into smaller chunks with the aid of a checklist – you can add items that can be “checked off” along with a name on the list.
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4. How to add a member to a Card/project in Trello

Collaboration is a key aspect in project management and Trello is quite excellent with its tools. For example – if you would like to collaborate on a design with the product, design and graphic team together, their members can be added by simply clicking on the “Member” tab inside a card. All changes will show on the card simultaneously and members can move in and out of the card when they want to.
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5. How to add a Card via Email in Trello

This is such a nifty feature! If for any matter, you are unable to communicate with your team or add a task via the web tool or the mobile app, Cards can easily be added via email. All you need to do is connect your email to your Trello board, specify the particular task board you would like the cards to pop in, and viola! Instant updating in seconds. This is especially helpful in places with restricted internet access.
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6. How to change a team in Trello

Considering the scope of a big organization with multiple departments functioning with each other in collaboration, certain tasks’ responsibility might be changed from time to time. This is possible via ” Change of Teams” in Trello, with absolutely no hassles at all. Just click on “Settings” and go about your assignees.
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7. Integrating Trello With Slack and Salesforce via Business Class

Trello Business Class is a premium product for advancing your organizational growth as it has the capability to connect with leading sites such as Salesforce, Slack, Github and even DropBox. When integrated, all Trello Board activity will be seen in these suites, in real time. Security settings are enhanced along with higher administrative tools.
We really hope this guide has gotten you started on the ladder of project management! Got any Trello hacks to share? Tell us in the comments and we’ll feature it on The Whatfix Blog!

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