It’s a constant dilemma and a complaint in the life in of an entrepreneur – “I just don’t have the time to do this”. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, and with juggling product development, HR issues, hiring, finding office space- you are bound to buckle under the pressure at some point and break down. A startup requires its founders to be at their very “focused” best at all points of time and therein lies the productivity problem.
The trick as I have said earlier on, too, is to prioritize. Accept the absolute truth that Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t finish everything either. But can you schedule your tasks and achieve higher personal productivity? Yes! There are plenty of tools to get you started, but nothing kicks off the ground before you make some fundamental changes in the way you function. Here are 6 easy ways to get more work done all day, everyday.
1. Wake up early. Make the most of your morning.
Sure, you are not a morning person and the very sound of the alarm clock brings out the devil in you. Channel that inner hate into focused productivity right at the top of the morning. Get up 2 hours early and get a kickstart to your day by completing the smaller tasks at hand. Do some yoga, exercise your mind, make your task list, send off those small reminders – so that when you get to work, you only work and not focus on anything else.
2. Categorize your email.
Email – the bane and boon of communication takes up way too much time in the day than it should. The problem is that you aren’t noticing it. Every email reply takes at least a 2 mins and averaging at at least 30 in a day – you are wasting ONE WHOLE HOUR. Categorize your inbox and prioritize your emails – not everything needs to be replied to immediately. Schedule maybe 1.5 hours in your entire day (divided into 30 min parts) to the email nuisance.
3. Do not over schedule yourself. Don’t overcommit.
Our natural tendency is to say “Yes” to almost everything that our superiors ask, no matter how much it takes out of us. Adding too many tasks to your work day is shooting yourself in the foot. Face it, a person can be productive for only about 8-10 hours in a day, anything over that is just not your 100%. So take on only as much as you can do, say no and tomorrow will be another day to tackle it. Do not over commit and disappoint yourself.
4. Unplug twice a day – for 15 mins each.
In this day and age of constant notification, your smart phone can sometimes be your worst enemy. It makes every little “ding” seem the most urgent and is a distraction too. Social media, Whatsapp, constant email notifications, text messages from loved ones – it all seems a bit too and you need to just unplug. Free your mind, listen to some music, take a walk – prepare yourself for the hours to come. Take 15 mins for yourself and just relax.
5. Stop multitasking.
Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t work and actually stresses you out. In the noble attempt of trying to fit in more work in a day, we turn to multitasking and unfortunately, the divided productivity does more harm than good. Schedule a finite number of hours per task per day, give your maximum focus and achieve greater heights, But remember the golden rule – everyone has different productivity time zones, find yours and attack the larger tasks with great gusto.
6. Do not forget personal wellness.
If we had to choose between work and a run in the day, we would almost ALWAYS choose to work. Personal wellness is very important to keep yourself in a “reactive” state of mind, If your work is sedentary and involves sitting in front of a desktop 12 hours a day, an exercise routine will rejuvenate you. Remember, health is truly better than wealth. Better health= increased focus= increased productivity. The math is simple.
We hope these help you achieve more in your day while still maintaining your sanity! Don’t let the clock bog you down, tackle it and watch your productivity soar!
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