Salesforce Lightning App Builder is a boon for all Salesforce users. Irrespective of what the user’s expertise is, they can easily use this nifty tool to create engaging applications. And the highlight is, it can be done, without writing even a single line of code.
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How Salesforce Lightning App Builder Works?

The Lightning App Builder is a point and click tool that makes the creation of Salesforce apps look like a child’s play. With its drag and drop capability, users can quickly combine various Salesforce Lightning components and create their personalized apps.
The Lightning app builder has a list of standard components like fields, reports and charts, partner-built components from the AppExchange marketplace and it also allows your own custom designs. So you have complete freedom, to design the app the way you want it to look and function.
Also, you can design device specific apps. That is, in the same canvas of the app builder you can create apps for tablets, smartphones, desktop, and wearables.
From now on, anyone in your company can quickly mash up a custom Salesforce app with the Lightning components. So even if your users are super busy marketing your product and closing deals, you can still be resourceful without the help of a Salesforce developer.
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How to use Salesforce Lightning App Builder?

Salesforce Lightning App Builder is also available in Salesforce classic. We’ve created a Whatfix flow that will guide you through the process of creating a Salesforce app in the app builder step-by-step.
Watch this flow live, with the help of Whatfix’s see live mode to get real-time help in creating your first Salesforce Lightning app.

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