The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Dreamforce 2024

Dreamforce 2022 feels like just yesterday, and now we’re eagerly anticipating Dreamforce 2024! Once again, Trailblazers are gearing up for an extraordinary three-day event in San Francisco, brimming with innovative experiences and knowledge-building sessions.

This year, Dreamforce 2024 will be centered around AI-powered innovation, enabling faster data-driven decisions, and smarter CRM solutions. With over 1,500 sessions and 45+ visionary speakers, the event guarantees an exceptional learning opportunity. And let’s not forget about the much-anticipated Dreamfest, a truly majestic experience!

To ensure you have an unforgettable time at Dreamforce, we have gathered all the essential information you need for pre-registration, registration, and a comprehensive guide to the exciting events taking place throughout the three days.

What Is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is Salesforce’s renowned annual conference, recognized as one of the largest software conferences globally. With an impressive attendance of over 170,000 professionals from around the world converging on San Francisco, Dreamforce caters to all types of Trailblazers. The conference offers a diverse range of experiences, including inspiring keynotes, informative sessions, exclusive insights into Salesforce’s upcoming innovations, networking parties, and even concerts. It’s an epic event that shouldn’t be missed!

For an unparalleled Dreamforce experience, make sure to register for DreamFix, providing you with the ultimate package of benefits and opportunities.

When and Where Is Dreamforce 2024?

Dreamforce 2024 is set to take place from September 12th to 14th, 2024, at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. However, if attending in person isn’t feasible for you, Salesforce has introduced a new streaming service called Salesforce+ that allows you to participate in Dreamforce from anywhere. Make sure to register early, as ticket prices increase as the event draws closer, and keep in mind that Dreamforce ALWAYS sells out!

How Much Will It Cost to Attend Dreamforce 2024?

Attending Dreamforce is an unparalleled experience, though it does come at a cost. The prices vary depending on when you purchase your pass. Here are the pricing details for Dreamforce 2024:

  • Early bird passes: $1,499
  • Standard passes: $1,899
  • Last-call passes: $2,999

Included in this price are breakout and theatre sessions, hands-on workshops, ‘Circles of Success’ roundtable discussions, networking events, the welcome reception, and the Dreamfest concert. It also includes daily morning and afternoon refreshments, as well as lunch.

How to Register for Dreamforce 2024

Registering for Dreamforce 2024 is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to secure your passes and accommodations:

  • Visit the Dreamforce website.
  • Click on the “Register” button located at the top right corner of the Dreamforce website.
  • Select the “In-person Experience” option to access the Dreamforce registration.
  • Create an account to complete your registration. This account will grant you access to your registration details, recommended sessions, Agenda Builder, and more.
  • Choose your hotel and conference pass, and you’ll be all set to experience Dreamforce 2024. Note: You can also use your World Tour NYC, World Tour London, or Connections email and password to log in.

Dreamforce Agenda and Speakers

Dreamforce always brings together renowned names and thought leaders to speak at the conference. 

Last year, the event featured distinguished individuals such as Matthew McConaughey, Bono, Jennifer Hudson, and many more as keynote speakers. This year’s lineup promises an impressive roster of household names, SaaS leaders, and innovative entrepreneurs. As usual, co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Parker Harris are likely to kick-start the 2024 conference.

Our recommendation is to prioritize attending the major keynotes while also making time for smaller, more personalized sessions. 

The Dreamforce Agenda Builder is a useful tool that helps you plan, schedule, and organize all the sessions and keynotes you’re interested in attending. When planning, remember to register early, as popular keynotes and trendy sessions tend to fill up quickly.

Dreamforce Sessions

Take the time to explore all the Dreamforce 2024 sessions that align with your interests. You can start favoriting or saving sessions that stand out to you.

Once you’ve decided, you can register and bookmark those sessions in the Dreamforce Agenda app. After building your Dreamforce agenda, export it to your calendar app or print it for easy reference.

How Salesforce Uses CRM Analytics to Drive Decision-Making 

  • Link to Session
  • Speakers: Jonathan Norton, Director, Product Management, Salesforce;Kuber Sharma, Director, Product Management, Salesforce

Get an exclusive peek into how Salesforce leverages CRM Analytics and Sales Cloud within its end-to-end solutions for data management, analytics, and visualization. Discover the power of data-driven decision-making and gain insights into how CRM Analytics can transform your business strategies.

Sales Enablement: Outcome-based Programs Native to CRM

  •  Link to the session
  • Speakers: Jessica Holt Ware, AVP, Sales Productivity, Salesforce; Madeleine Gill, Director of Product Management, Salesforce; Spencer Grover, Product Marketing Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Elevate your sales team’s performance by learning how to embed sales enablement directly into the CRM flow of work. Discover strategies to enhance win rates and drive  revenue outcomes with seamless integration.

Revenue Cloud Roadmap: Product to cash  #1 AI CRM 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Brion Schweers, SVP, Revenue Cloud Solutions, Salesforce; Arun Abichandani, VP Product Management, Salesforce; Anand Anjaria, VP, Digital Enterprise Solutions, Cisco Systems;Meredith Schmidt, EVP GM, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce;Dan Milbrath, Senior Director, Product Management – Revenue Cloud, Salesforce

Be at the forefront of revenue growth innovation by exploring the roadmap for Revenue Lifecycle Management on the #1 AI CRM. Gain insights into upcoming innovations across CPQ, Billing, and Contract Lifecycle Management.

Sales Engagement: Guided Selling & AI Built-in to Your CRM 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Maegan Rolando, Director, Supply Strategy and Operations, Grubhub; Spencer Grover, Product Marketing Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce; Charlie Elbert, Vice President, Sales Development, Salesforce 

Explore the new era of sales with guided selling and AI-integrated experiences. Witness how AI brings context to every interaction, enabling your sales team to excel in the dynamic business landscape.

Create Actionable Insights in Egen Revenue Intelligence 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Mike Daly, Global Sales Operations Leadership Team, Keysight Technologies Inc.; Michael Knowles, Client Partner, SpringML

Unleash the potential of SpringML Revenue Intelligence solution, which empowers you to generate actionable insights on pipeline and revenue within Salesforce. Transform your data into possibilities and drive revenue growth.

Solve for Consumption Forecasting with Real-Time Analytics 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Deepa Gopinath, SVP & Deputy CIO, Databricks; Jorge Perez Pratt, Salesforce Tech Lead, Atrium

Discover how technology companies can leverage real-time analytics for consumption forecasting. Gain a comprehensive view of your business, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Enablement: Get Reps to Quota Fast with Automated Programs 

  • Link to Session
  • Speaker: Dini Mehta, Operating Partner at Operator Collective (Ex-CRO at Lattice), Operator Collective; Aubrey Gavin, Senior Product Manager, Salesforce;
    Spencer Grover, Product Marketing Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Explore the diverse paths to achieving sales quotas and discover the power of automated and personalized enablement strategies to maximize seller performance.

How SaaS Companies Can Create Frictionless Sales Experiences 

  • Speakers: Lizzy Perruzzi, Product Manager, Revenue Intelligence, Salesforce; John Elliott, Sr. Director, GTM Apps, Crowdstrike

Uncover the potential of leveraging analytics to enhance your selling experience. Learn how data-driven strategies can drive adoption, and productivity, and create frictionless sales interactions.

Roundtable: Salesforce Finance Uses AI + Data for Efficiency

  • Link to session 
  • Speakers: Delphine Rouvillois, Manager, Finance Analytics, Salesforce; Mike Crook, Senior Director, Finance Data Office, Salesforce

Discover how Salesforce’s finance team uses AI and data for data-driven decisions. These sessions preview the excitement at Dreamforce 2024, where transformative experiences await. 

Revenue Cloud Keynote: Profitable Growth with Unified RevOps 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Brion Schweers, SVP, Revenue Cloud Solutions, Salesforce; David Beebe, Senior Director, Solution Engineering, Salesforce; Meredith Schmidt: EVP GM, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce; Meg Lovell: VP, Business Transformation, Everbridge

Uncover the secrets to driving profitable growth by aligning Sales, Finance, and Legal on the CRM platform. Learn how Revenue Cloud can help you navigate growth challenges and achieve profitability.

10x Your Sales Coaching Impact with Data + AI 

  • Link to session
  • Speaker: Sydney Stento, Senior Sales Development Manager, Athenahealth; Spencer Grover, Product Marketing Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce; Bryan Corcoran, Director, Product Management, Salesforce

Enhance your sales coaching strategies with the power of data and AI. Discover how to supercharge your coaching efforts, empower managers, and drive remarkable improvements in your sales team’s performance.

Hire, Mentor, and Build All-Star Salesforce Teams 

  • Speaker: James Coelho, Salesforce Architect, SF Opportunist

Unlock the secrets of assembling top-tier Salesforce teams through effective hiring and mentoring strategies. Learn how to foster a thriving team culture for ultimate success.

15 DevOps Center Tips for Developers in 20 Minutes 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Christian Szandor Knapp, Principal Technology Evangelist, DIA die.interaktiven GmbH & Co KG; Daniel Stange, CTO, die.interaktiven GmbH & Co. KG

Discover valuable tips for DevOps Center usage in just 20 minutes. Learn how to set up, bundle, stage, and automate quality gates effectively for improved development workflows.

3 Tips for Trusted AI Experiences 

  • Speakers: Sarah Flamion, Research Architect, Salesforce; Kat Holmes, EVP, Chief Design Officer, Salesforce

Explore three essential tips for successful and trusted AI experiences. Learn how prompt templates, the AI gateway, and design principles contribute to building reliable AI solutions.

True to the Core Customer Forum 

Link to session

Speakers: Kat Holmes, EVP, Chief Design Officer, Salesforcel; Patrick Stokes, EVP, Product & Industries Marketing, Salesforce; Parker Harris, Co-Founder and CTO, Salesforce

Join Co-founder and CTO Parker Harris for the annual True to the Core customer forum. Get insights into Salesforce’s product roadmap and engage in a live Q&A session.

Supersize Service with AI 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Grant Riewe, CTO, Vibrant Emotional Healthl; Matt Beveridge, VP of Global Service Delivery, Zebra; Connor Marsden, EVP, North America Service Cloud, Manufacturing, Retail, and Consumer Goods, Salesforce

Discover how AI-powered solutions will revolutionize service experiences. Learn how AI, data, and CRM come together to enhance service scalability and effectiveness.

Zero to 360: Native CRM Analytics in Salesforce 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Robert Galla, Technical Architect, Salesforce; Cindy Block, Principal Solutions Engineer, CRM Analytics, Salesforce

Get hands-on experience with CRM Analytics by setting up a dashboard template and deploying it in Salesforce. Learn the essentials of CRM Analytics and its benefits.

Manufacturing Service Innovations Fueled by AI + Data + CRM 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Tony Kratovil, VP & GM, Manufacturing Industry Product & Solutions, Salesforce; Vivek Kestur, Vice President – Digital Transformation, Copeland

Discover how manufacturers can leverage AI, data, and CRM to provide personalized services, predict demand, and maintain profitable sales. Learn how these innovations drive customer satisfaction and support profitability.

Rank Up with AI + Data + CRM on Trailhead 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Tarah Kayne, Athlete, N/A; Megan Petersen, Director, Trailblazer Engagement, Salesforce

Join this session to learn how to advance your skills on Trailhead, create a Road to Ranger plan, and access the latest AI + Data + CRM content. Elevate your learning journey and stay up to date with cutting-edge technologies.

Sales Planning: New and Native to the #1 AI CRM for Sales

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Chip Van Alstyne, Principal Solution Engineer, Sales Performance Management, Salesforce; Ben Brantly, GM & VP, Product, Salesforce; Ishtmeet Sahni, Director, SMGS Planning Tools, Amazon; Mark Loesel, Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce

Delve into the world of sales planning on the #1 AI CRM. Learn about intuitive, agile, and collaborative planning powered by rich data and native to your CRM for efficient revenue growth.

Slack Keynote: Boost Productivity with Automation, CRM & AI 

Discover how Slack enhances productivity across businesses with automation, CRM, and AI. Explore how Slack serves as the productivity platform for Customer 360, driving knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Data-Driven Growth: The Power of Financial Analytics

  • Link to session
  • Speaker: Ryan Sieve, Chief Technology Officer, Accounting Seed

Gain insights into how accurate and trusted accounting data can drive your business strategy. Discover how CRM Analytics can visualize financial data to provide key insights for decision-making.

Helping Members Navigate Their Care on the #1 AI CRM 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Samantha Murphy, Global Head, Healthcare Industry Advisory & Business Consultants, Salesforce ; Joe Pulice, Industry Marketing – Payer, Salesforce; Benjamin Morrow, Lead Solution Engineer, Salesforce; Bill Giard, CTO and Vice President of Enterprise Architecture & Health Innovation, California Physicians’ Service

Discover how a care management solution connects care teams, clinicians, members, and family members to elevate healthcare consumer engagement. Explore the potential of CRM-powered solutions in the healthcare industry.

Retail: Future-Proof Your Front Line with AI + Data + CRM 

  • Link to session
  • Speaker: Kristin Pirazzini, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce; Gayla Jurevich, Leader, Global Technology Enterprise Applications, Specialized Bicycles; Kamal Tahir, Senior Manager, Industry Marketing, Salesforce

Explore strategies to enhance productivity and collaboration for retail employees. Learn how AI, data, and CRM solutions can optimize operations and unlock growth in the retail sector.

Enhance Client Engagement in Staffing and Recruiting with AI 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Adele Wolf, RVP, Salesforce; Peter Howerton, VP, Salesforce Platform and Service Delivery, TrueBlue; Charlie Angione, Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Discover how AI + Data + CRM can empower staffing and recruiting firms to expand client relationships, uncover opportunities, and operate more effectively. Explore strategies for leveraging data-driven insights.

Transform Your Manufacturing Service Experience 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Robert Teverino, Director, IT Sales and Service Enablement; Eaton Nanda Chitrala, Director, Manufacturing Industry Solutions & Strategy, Salesforce

Learn how manufacturers can transform their service business using automation to streamline processes. Discover how AI, data, and CRM solutions enhance customer support, complaints, and product issue management.

Say Hello to Salesforce Contracts 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Sai Thilak Kumar, Sr. Product Manager, Salesforce; Meg Lovell, VP, Business Transformation, Everbridge; Brandt Hill, Product Marketing Director, Salesforce; Erwan Kerebel, Senior Director, Product Management, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce

Discover Salesforce Contracts, an innovative solution that accelerates sales with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) on the #1 AI CRM. Explore how it enhances contract management and deal closure.

Capture the Business value of AI and data

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Wendy Batchelder, Chief Data Officer, Global Data Governance, Salesforce; Lisa Ginther Huh, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce

Join a discussion on improving your data strategy, governance, and data culture for increased business success with AI, data, and analytics. Learn from industry experts on how to harness the power of data.

Manufacturing Keynote: The Future of Customer Operations 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Achyut Jajoo, SVP & GM, Manufacturing & Automotive, Salesforce; Adam Alfano, SVP Manufacturing, Auto, Energy, Salesforce; Patrick Thompson, Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer, Albemarle; Lauren Parker, Vice President, Service for Manufacturing, Salesforce; August Krys, Industry Solutions and Strategy Senior Manager, Manufacturing, Salesforce; Stephanie Smith, Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Discover the future of manufacturing customer operations powered by AI, data, and CRM. Industry experts unveil the latest innovations that will reshape the manufacturing landscape.

Public Sector Keynote: The Future of Government Is Here

  • Speakers: Nasi Jazayeri, EVP and GM Public Sector and Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce; Karen Rewalt, Senior Director Product Management, Salesforce; Jon Moore, Director, Global Public Sector Marketing, Salesforce; Nadia Hansen, Digital Transformation Executive, Salesforce; Jennifer Ward, VP, of Solution Engineering, Salesforce; Joe Foster: Cloud Computing Program Manager, NASA

Explore how government agencies are leveraging AI, data, and CRM to respond more efficiently to the needs of their citizens. Discover how the future of government is being transformed by technology.

Future of Field Service: Customer Panel with Q&A 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Nick Mraz, Strategic National Installation Director, Pella; Teri Power, IT Director, FPL

Immerse yourself in the future of field service with autonomous apprentices powered by AI, data, and CRM. Explore how Field Service GPT empowers your team, streamlines operations, and delivers exceptional service.

Improve Health Outcomes with Connected Experiences 

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Nicola McQueen, CEO, NHS Professionals; Mary-Grace Brandt, Division Director, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Fay Flevaras, First Assistant Secretary Digital Transformation & Delivery, Department of Health and Aged Care

As we transition into a post-digital era, discover how AI, data, and CRM transform healthcare. Learn from public health leaders about leveraging these trends to improve health outcomes.

Architect Keynote: The Future Is Well-Architected 

  • Speakers: Jeanine Walters, Principal Architect, Software Engineering Salesforce; Susannah Plaisted, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce; 

Karishma Lalwani, Senior Director, Product Management, Certified Technical Architect, Salesforce; Marc Braga, Senior Director, Technology, Salesforce; Zayne Turner, Architect Relations, Salesforce; Nicole Holmes, Certified Principal Enterprise Architect, Salesforce; Atul Kshirsagar, Software Architect, Salesforce; Parker Harris, Co-Founder and CTO, Salesforce

Join Parker Harris and experts to learn how to apply Well-Architected principles across AI, data, and CRM. Gain insights into the latest innovations from the architects and engineers who built them.

Supersize Service with AI

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Grant Riewe, Chief Technology Officer, Vibrant Emotional Health; Matt Beveridge, Vice President of Global Service Delivery, Zebra; Connor Marsden, Executive Vice President, North America Service Cloud, Manufacturing, Retail, and Consumer Goods, Salesforce

Explore how AI-powered solutions revolutionize service experiences. Learn how AI, data, and CRM combine to enhance service scalability and effectiveness.

Going for Digital Transformation Gold with the IOC

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Michelle McGuire Christian , Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP; Ilario Corna, Chief Information Technology Officer, International Olympic Committee

The core of the International Olympic Committee’s strategy lies in digitalization. Come together with the Chief Information Officer and Deloitte to explore their path, the benefits brought to the nonprofit, and the insights gained from their experience.

Architect an Application Lifecycle for AI Solutions

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Vickie Jeffery, Head of Technology, Ausure; Andrés Catalán, Senior Delivery Principal, Slalom; Squire Kershner, Salesforce Architect, Baird

Engage actively with Salesforce Well-Architected during this interactive workshop, where you’ll pinpoint trade-offs and interdependencies. Through this process, you’ll develop a roadmap for integrating AI capabilities into an organization.

Sessions are first come, first seated. Space is limited

Build Your Data Strategy for Financial Services Cloud

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Jason Carroll, Field CIO, Banking Strategy, Salesforce; Lori Borg, Sr product marketing manager, Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce.

Discover how financial service institutions are addressing a significant obstacle they face: data management. Develop your data strategy and grasp the integration of Financial Services Cloud, MuleSoft, and Data Cloud in this context.

Discover the AI-Driven Platform for Deals and Investors

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Moustafa ElBialy, CIO, Kleiner Perkins; Hye Kyung Lee, Chief Solutions Officer, InvestorFlow

Participate in InvestorFlow’s session to gain insights into harnessing AI for discovering fresh investment prospects and enhancing investor connections. Delve into ways your company can unlock financial possibilities through AI-powered interactions.

Drive Donor Engagement Across Sales, Service, and Marketing

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Diane Pomenti, Head of Strategic Technology Services, Vanguard Charitable; David Deitch, Sr. Director of Financial Services, Slalom; Carol Dow, CIO, Vanguard Charitable

Discover how Vanguard Charitable is reshaping the Donor Experience, empowering donors to optimize their enduring philanthropic objectives using the Salesforce Platform.

Innovation & Scale in Lending to Fuel Profitability

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Geoff Green, Industry Advisor, Mortgage and Lending, Salesforce; Brett Nelson, Industry Solutions Specialist, Salesforce; Lyra Waggoner, CIO, Movement Mortgage

Amidst the economic downturn, lenders persist in adopting Salesforce for innovation and expansion, driving profitability. Witness firsthand how lenders utilize Salesforce to drive innovation throughout the loan lifecycle and more.

The Future of App Development: Fast and Low Code

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Jason Howe, CIO, Air Force A1, US Air Force, US Air Force; Michael Caracciolo, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Salesforce

With new innovations, government IT can deliver scale and seamless services with fewer resources. Hear best practices from government leaders on quickly and efficiently developing secure apps.

Driving Enrollment Through Personalized Marketing Engagement

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Garret Yoshimi, VP for Information Technology and CIO, University of Hawai’i; Karen Stock, Account Executive, Strata Information Group, Inc.

Through novel advancements, governmental IT can achieve scalability and streamlined services while utilizing fewer resources. Gain insights from government experts on optimal approaches for swiftly and effectively crafting secure applications.

Broadcasts without Bugs: AI-Powered Test Automation for FOX

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Andrew Durrans, Program Architect; Garrett Boss, CIO – West Coast, FOX Corporation

What is FOX Corp’s method for ensuring uniform content delivery to countless viewers across numerous domains and applications? Explore FOX’s path to generating revenue through the implementation of Copado Robotic Testing.

DeVry University’s Journey to Student-Centric Transformation

For more than ten years, DeVry University has been committed to providing a comprehensive approach to enhancing student success and well-being through the Salesforce platform. Acquire insights from DeVry’s executives and delve into their perspective on the synergy of AI, data, and CRM.

Digital Transformation of a European National Agency

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Peter Coussement, Senior Advisor to the Minister, FOD Justitie; Jimmy De Laet, CIO, FOD Justitie

A nationwide agency employed specialized data models tailored to the public sector, along with case management functionalities and no-code tools, to digitize and expedite processes, thereby achieving quicker time-to-value.

Trailblazer Story: Digitizing with Public Sector Solutions

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Eric Brunner, Application Engineering Manager, United Auburn Indian Community; Paula Starr, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Cherokee Nation

Discover how various agencies are transitioning their services into the digital realm using Public Sector Solutions. This approach enables them to offer quicker and more streamlined support to their communities, ultimately making a more significant difference for their constituents.

From Good to Great: Automate Advertising Sales Operations

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Christopher Dean, SVP & GM Communications & Media, Salesforce; Raj Srinivasan, CIO, Sony Pictures Networks India; Brian Bergen, VP, Marketing, Salesforce

Unleash the potential of your advertising sales team through the synergy of data and AI. Join us to explore established tactics that enhance efficiency and propel revenue growth within the ever-evolving landscape of advertising sales.

Generac’s Global Strategy with Manufacturing Cloud

  • Speaker: Tim Dickson, CIO, Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Embark on Generac’s voyage towards scalability alongside NeuraFlash: Experience the worldwide implementation of the Manufacturing Cloud, facilitating expansion through consolidated data, optimized processes, and novel insights.

Automate Care Processes Outside the Clinic

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Josh Morrell, VP Population Health and Analytics, Humana – CenterWell; Megan Frost, Sr. Director of Business Consulting HLS, Salesforce; Jason Marlowitz, CIO, CenterWell Primary Care, Humana

Simplifying patient care coordination, whether they’re at home or on the move, has never been easier. Explore how our platform can streamline the process of managing care outside the clinic.

Innovation at Generac with MuleSoft: Integration for Success

  • Link to session
  • Speakers:Rahul Sengupta, Executive Vice President of Sales, Apisero; Tim Dickson, CIO, Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Participate in this engaging session to gain insights into Generac’s collaboration with Apisero, an NTT DATA company, as they propel digital transformation and enhance customer experiences through the utilization of MuleSoft.

State of IT: Top Challenges and Priorities Today

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Alvina Antar, CIO, Okta; Prakash Kota, CIO, Auotdesk; Daniela Kirchhubel, Director, Platform Product Marketing, Salesforce; Tim Dickson, CIO, Generac Power Systems, Inc.

In a landscape where teams strive to adapt to changing KPIs and economic demands, the act of recalibration holds greater significance. Join esteemed CIOs to discover the key areas every IT leader should concentrate on in order to steer successful transformation.

Modernize Your Manufacturing Commercial Operations

  • Link to session
  • Speakers: Mark Schmidt, Sr. Director, Industry Solutions & Strategy, Salesforce; Luna Hirose, Solution Engineer, Salesforce; Tim Dickson, CIO, Generac Power Systems, Inc.

Discover how the integration of AI, data, and Manufacturing Cloud can expedite your journey toward achieving digital transformation.

The Best Hotels for Dreamforce 2024

When planning your attendance at Dreamforce 2024, don’t forget to book your accommodations. It’s recommended to choose hotels in close proximity to the Moscone Center for convenience. Some of the best Dreamforce hotels to consider include Parc 55 San Francisco, The SF Central Hotel, Inn at the Opera, and Bei San Francisco Trademark Collection by Wyndham.

This is an ideal time to book your accommodations as there are numerous hotel options and alternative accommodations available throughout the city. San Francisco itself offers a captivating exploration experience!

To find affordable hotels for Dreamforce, make sure to utilize hotel comparison sites such as,,, and Kayak. Additionally, consider hostels and Airbnb as excellent options for last-minute stays.

If you decide to stay outside the Moscone Center area, the BART train system provides an economical public transportation option to reach the venue from hotels located further away.

Who Is Playing at Dreamfest Concert?

The most thrilling aspect of Dreamforce is undoubtedly the larger-than-life concert known as ‘Dreamfest,’ featuring top-tier musicians.

Last year, Dreamforce had the honor of booking the legendary Red Hot Chili Peppers as the headliner for its Dreamforce concert. 

2024 is headlined by the Foo Fighters for their third appearance at Dreamforce. The event will be one you don’t want to miss!

A quick note: In previous years, Oracle Park, the venue for Dreamfest, has reached its capacity. To secure a better view of the concert, it is recommended to arrive early. Those who arrive early enough will have the opportunity to enter the general admission area on the field itself.


The Best Parties at Dreamforce 2024

There’s an array of incredible parties to anticipate during Dreamforce 2024, some organized by Salesforce itself, while others are hosted by SaaS vendors and SFDC partners.

Salesforce sponsors and solution providers throw numerous parties throughout the city, and attendance is free (as long as you register before they reach capacity). 

These Dreamforce parties offer fantastic networking opportunities with peers and the chance to explore different SaaS providers. Be sure to RSVP for the ones that interest you in advance.

We’re keeping a close eye on all the updates about Dreamforce parties. Stay tuned for the comprehensive list of parties.

What Is Salesforce+?

Similar to last year, this year you can once again experience Dreamforce 2024 through Salesforce+. It’s a new streaming platform that enables Trailblazers to be part of the event from anywhere. Salesforce+ provides access to select Dreamforce sessions and grants subscribers unlimited access to all of Salesforce’s original content and series. The best part? The platform is free and available to everyone!


Why Attend Dreamforce 2024?

If you’re still contemplating whether to attend Dreamforce 2024, here are some compelling reasons that might sway your decision:

  • Acquire New Knowledge: Dreamforce presents a prime opportunity to expand your knowledge base. You’ll have the chance to deepen your understanding of various subjects, explore cutting-edge products, gain insights into the future of technology, witness live demonstrations by Salesforce experts, participate in CRM training sessions, and connect with industry experts.
  • Build Connections: Networking is a key highlight of Dreamforce. It provides a unique platform for connecting with professionals from diverse backgrounds. By engaging with like-minded individuals, you can establish valuable relationships, foster meaningful connections, and find inspiration in exchanging ideas.
  • Experience & Celebration: Get ready for an unparalleled celebration at Dreamfest! Enjoy the festivities, indulge in the vibrant party atmosphere, and create lasting memories. Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes and embrace the joyous spirit of the event.

Tips for First-Time Dreamforce Attendees from Salesforce Influencers

Is it your first year attending Dreamforce?

We asked nine influential Salesforce personalities for advice on how to take full advantage of the event, stories from Dreamforce’s past, and anything relevant they wanted to share.


Dreamforce 2017 at the Dreamfest with both Lenny Kravitz and Alicia Keys, followed by a private showcase by In the same week, I was also able to attend the Metallica concert for the Band Together Bay Area event! I know festivals that would be jealous of that lineup.  The second one will be Dreamforce 2019, which happened during the same week as my birthday. So, we decided to celebrate my birthday at the karaoke with my Ohana from all over the globe.”

  • Cyril Louis | CEO & Co-Founder at Mavericx | Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Platform Champion

“Hard to believe this was 10 years ago already, but one of my favorite Dreamforce experiences was the Blondie and Green Day concert at what is now Oracle Park. With typical San Francisco weather, it rained. The set started well, and the field was super crowded despite the rain. As Green Day was starting a song midway through the set, the audio system completely stopped working. Billie Joe quickly pivoted and played a few classics that the full crowd would know, and we all sang along. The sound crew got the system working again, one microphone or instrument at a time, so things came back slowly. It was quite the concert—one I’ll never forget!”

  • Mike Martin |  Chief Customer Officer at 10K | Salesforce MVP HOF

“During the very intimate Dreamforce of 2021 (limited to 1000 people due to the pandemic), the Foo Fighters played the Dreamfest Concert. There were fewer than 500 people present. I was dancing up close and personal off to the side of the stage with all the blow-up mascots around me, and David Gruhl called me (and the mascots) out for having the time of my life!! I took a picture with the mascots and was featured on Salesforce’s social media the next day. I was ‘Salesforce famous’ for a day.”

  • Danielle Laffey | Principal Insurance Solutions at Silverline | Salesforce MVP

“My favorite year was the post-COVID invite-only Dreamforce. It was so easy to find and connect with others. It was by far the best Dreamforce for me.”

  • Terry Miller | President at Terry Miller, LLC | Salesforce MVP 

“As a fan of Salesforce and its leaders, shaking hands with Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, and other influential figures was a dream come true. I couldn’t believe I could meet and greet some of the most successful people in the industry. Connecting with them and participating in such an iconic event was an incredible feeling.”

“Two days before DF19, I went on a road trip with an international group of people I know from the Salesforce community (Ohana). We visited a Redwoods park near Santa Cruz and had lunch on the wharf in Monterey. It was great to venture outside of San Francisco and connect with people on a different level than you would while running from venue to venue during Dreamforce.”

“It’s my first in-person Dreamforce, but I still have multiple memories with it:

When my friend and fellow MVP – Vinay Chaturvedi, went to Dreamforce for the first time, I did a watch party live the same day. He took us on a virtual tour.

When my visa got canceled last year, I attended it online, but when I saw my friend Melissa Hill Dees live sitting during the keynote, I felt like I was right there with her with my community. Finally, I’ll be there this year.”

  • Akash Mishra | Senior Technical Architect | 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd | Salesforce MVP

“My most unforgettable Dreamforce memory has to be presenting a session at the Admin theater in 2022. Speaking at Dreamforce is an amazing experience!”

“A few Dreamforces ago, I was invited to an intimate fireside chat with Mark Hamill and Billie Lourd, who were reminiscing about several Star Wars topics. It was fascinating to see them interact and hear them tell stories together.”

  • David Carnes | Chairman and Chief Evangelist at OpFocus | Author | Salesforce MVP. David is the author of the book ‘Mastering Salesforce Reports and Dashboards, Drive Business Decisions with Your CRM Data.’ He believes success with reporting often drives perception of ROI with systems like Salesforce. Most users don’t have access to more powerful BI solutions, instead being given standard Salesforce reports and dashboards to organize their work, manage their teams, or run their businesses.
  1. The Ohana Golden Gate Bridge Walk: organized by the Community, it’s a nice walk and a great opportunity to meet people from everywhere. Yes, Dreamforce is also about networking!
  2. The Dreamforce Newbie Reunion Breakfast: also organized by the Community (and by the amazing Eric Dreshfield) to introduce ‘Newbies’ to ‘Veterans,’ make connections, gather tips and tricks, have a great breakfast to start the day, and support the nice ‘Project Night Night.’
  3. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MoMA): located next to the Moscone Center, where the majority of Dreamforce sessions will be held. Try to keep some energy to discover that great museum!”
  • Cyril Louis | CEO & Co-Founder at Mavericx | Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Platform Champion


  1. Go to a hands-on session, it’s a great way to learn! 
  2. Check out the expo floor, there are so many cool vendors and apps you can use! 
  3. Get out of your comfort zone and network with everyone!
  • Danielle Laffey | Principal Insurance Solutions at Silverline | Salesforce MVP


  1. Check out the True to the Core session, typically hosted by Parker Harris, to have a dialog with product managers and product leaders to provide feedback on core Salesforce functionality.
  2.  Back again this year to close out the week, the Cigar Shindig is a must do. Join the trailblazer community on the final day of the conference for a drink, relax, and wrap up a great week!
  3. Check out a Community Networking session at the Community Cove in the Trailblazer Forest. There are a ton of great informal gatherings led my Community Group leaders, with a vast array of themes and topics. It’s a small area, but such a great place to connect with other Trailblazers!
  • Mike Martin |  Chief Customer Officer at 10K | Salesforce MVP HOF


  1. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge with Eric Dreshfield and friends. 
  2. Network with others.
  3.  Attend the True-to-the-Core session.
  • Terry Miller | President at Terry Miller, LLC | Salesforce MVP


  1. Spend most of your time connecting with people.
  2. Stick to your agenda builder and focus more on theater sessions. 
  3. Attend the concert.
  • Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni | President & Enterprise Architect at Skilled Cohort | Salesforce MVP


  1. Attend the ‘True To The Core’ session (Ask Me Anything session with Salesforce executives / Product managers)
  2. Attend as many parties, networking sessions and gatherings as possible. Most of the content will be available on Salesforce+ afterwards, so I would focus on something other than content.
  3. Come to San Francisco 1 or 2 days earlier to attend social gatherings like the ‘Dreamforce Ohana Golden Gate Bridge Walk’, organized by Eric Dreshfield & Johan Yu. This one is especially great for Dreamforce Newbies.
  • Andre van Kampen | Practice Lead at Upshift | Salesforce MVP


  1. Do not miss the keynotes, also please plan the sessions you want to attend, well in advance. 
  2. Network as much as you can 
  3. At-least be there couple of days prior to DF
  • Akash Mishra | Senior Technical Architect | 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd | Salesforce MVP


  1. Attend the keynote to stay up to date with the latest announcements
  2. Have lunch in the Yerba Buena Garden, a beautiful relaxed space away from the madness
  3. Spend time with fellow Trailblazers that you don’t often get to see in person
  • Christine Marshall | Courses and Community Director at Salesforce Ben | Salesforce MVP


  1. Seek out the roadmap sessions for the products you care about. They are where you can learn where the products and platform are heading, and ask questions of the product managers. 
  2. Attend one or more Circles of Success sessions for topics that interest you. They provide relevant content and the chance to discuss things that are important to you with others in a similar situation. (Full disclosure: I’ll be leading circles this year on sales reporting!) 
  3. Ask your questions. Most people who speak at Dreamforce and other events are willing to answer questions and engage with you. Sometimes this isn’t possible onsite at the event due to scheduling, but can also be achieved after with a friendly note on LinkedIn saying you attended their session and sharing your question.
  • David Carnes | Chairman and Chief Evangelist at OpFocus | Author | Salesforce MVP

“Don’t overload your agenda! Trust me, you would need time between sessions to engage with the speakers, talk with attendees, and walk from one session to another. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring an extra power bank to charge your cellphone.”

  • Cyril Louis | CEO & Co-Founder at Mavericx | Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Platform Champion


“A scheduled and plan is important, but be sure to leave time in between to let organic connections and conversations happen!”

  • Mike Martin |  Chief Customer Officer at 10K | Salesforce MVP HOF


“Go to live, in-person events to – network, network, network!! The sessions are recorded so you have access to that content when you return home. You won’t have access to all those amazing connections you can make if you put yourself out there! I have met people at Dreamforce that have become clients, mentors, mentees, and colleagues.”

  • Danielle Laffey | Principal Insurance Solutions at Silverline | Salesforce MVP


“Talk to people. I’m not a natural extrovert, but the best of Dreamforce happens in the hallways. It’s essential to say hello and converse with those around you.”

  • Terry Miller | President at Terry Miller, LLC | Salesforce MVP


“Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking a lot. It is better to practice walking a couple of miles a day, a month in advance.”

  • Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni | President & Enterprise Architect at Skilled Cohort | Salesforce MVP


“Wear comfortable shoes (and bring an extra pair.)”

  • Andre van Kampen | Practice Lead at Upshift | Salesforce MVP


“It’s the Grandest Salesforce Event of the year, dance – dream – network – have fun – learn as much as you can and you won’t regret being there!”

  • Akash Mishra | Senior Technical Architect | 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd | Salesforce MVP


“Check which sessions will be available on Salesforce+ – watch these at a later date and spend the time on things you can only do or see at Dreamforce in person.”

  • Christine Marshall | Courses and Community Director at Salesforce Ben | Salesforce MVP


“Given the size of the event and almost frantic pace of activities, if you pass by someone you know and hope to talk to while at Dreamforce, seize the moment to connect with them on the spot since you may not cross paths with them again at the conference.”

  • David Carnes | Chairman and Chief Evangelist at OpFocus | Author | Salesforce MVP


“I choose Brandy! I was waiting for so long to have a mascot representing the Marketers. My daughters would have picked Astro. We have so many at home!”

  • Cyril Louis | CEO & Co-Founder at Mavericx | Salesforce MVP & Salesforce Platform Champion


“As a former admin, I’m partial to Cloudy the Goat, but I’d have to say my favorite is Hootie McOwl Face.”

  • Mike Martin |  Chief Customer Officer at 10K | Salesforce MVP HOF


“Cloudy makes me happy – I mean he’s a cute goat that dances, so he is an honorable mention! But I if I have to choose a top it would be Ruth. She was the first female to enter the group and represents the technical architects. As a woman leader in tech, primarily hanging out in the insurance space, I can relate! There were not many women in this vertical in leadership roles a few years ago. I love that I’m part of that change!”

  • Danielle Laffey | Principal Insurance Solutions at Silverline | Salesforce MVP


“Einstein because he has so much insight. I learn so much from him.”

  • Terry Miller | President at Terry Miller, LLC | Salesforce MVP


“I used to be a Saasy fan, but I moved to Astro when it was launched. There was no specific reason,  it was love at first sight.”

  • Prag Ravichandran Kamalaveni | President & Enterprise Architect at Skilled Cohort | Salesforce MVP


“Blaze the Wolf is my favourite Salesforce mascot! Blaze represents Customer Success, and she is also a bit of an underdog *pun intended*. Blaze helps customers and partners to stay on the path to Customer Success.”

  • Andre van Kampen | Practice Lead at Upshift | Salesforce MVP


“Ruth – Because I’m an architect.”

  • Akash Mishra | Senior Technical Architect | 360 Degree Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd | Salesforce MVP


“Einstein! I’m a big fan of all the Salesforce Einstein products.”

  • Christine Marshall | Courses and Community Director at Salesforce Ben | Salesforce MVP


“Ruth the elephant is my favorite mascot, as architects are always good to have nearby.”

  • David Carnes | Chairman and Chief Evangelist at OpFocus | Author | Salesforce MVP
Meet Whatfix at Dreamforce

Don’t forget to visit the expo hall and meet all the Dreamforce partners. Make sure to stop by the Whatfix booth at the Moscone Center to meet our team. We are excited to see you there!

If you are considering a tool to streamline your user onboarding and Salesforce training, look no further. We are the perfect solution for your needs. Register for DreamFix to have an unforgettable Dreamforce experience and get a chance to win exciting raffles!

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