Making Technology more User-centric with AI

Whatfix seamlessly integrates Generative AI with its enterprise-grade digital adoption platform, enabling transformation of your technology stack with user-centric experiences across your applications.

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Whatfix AI is crafted to enhance the end-user experience and boost productivity through features that better equip your users to Read, Write, and Do.


Whatfix AI streamlines the process of extracting, organizing, and synthesizing key themes, significantly accelerating information discovery by up to 80%.


Whatfix AI provides admins and application end-users with an in-app personal scribe to author Whatfix content and complete everyday writing tasks like taking notes, writing emails, and more on any application used in your organization.


Whatfix AI Assistant revolutionizes the way end-users interact with an application’s GUI through natural language instructions, performing in-app tasks based on directions and inputs from users.

Responsible AI practices

Whatfix AI is designed to operate in the way you need it to, ensuring a remarkable level of contextual precision that keeps you in control

AI is an integral part of Whatfix

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