Change Management

Take Charge of Organizational Change

Navigating through organizational change is a multi-step process. Whatfix helps you scale enterprise-wide changes, improve user engagement, and drive user adoption.

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Maintain and improve employee efficiency

With interactive step-by-step guides and work flows, employees spend less time onboarding and more time on their job.



Help employees adapt quickly

Make it effortless for users to make the change from one tool to another. In-app learning helps users master new software faster.



Provide hands-off support

Each user’s adoption journey is unique. Using Whatfix’s Self Help feature, you can offer contextual, self-service help modules anywhere in their training journey. With Whatfix, your support processes are unique and relevant to each team member, reducing confusion and frustration.


Learn how Sophos leverages Whatfix to efficiently manage change on Salesforce, providing its employees in-app support and real-time training on all new features and processes - resulting in a reduction of 12,000 support tickets and a 15% reduction in sales ops cases globally.

Product Features

Power up your power users

Body Default automatically create segments for deep personalization and better targeting, based on the user’s specific needs and where they are in the application.


Make announcements, conduct surveys, send reminders and more – directly in the app.

Self Help

Provide contextual, self-service help when employees need it most using flows, videos, and links.


Our intuitive content creation tools enable you to make effective content without depending on your IT team.

By The Numbers

The Whatfix difference

Increase in employee productivity
Reduction on support queries

Reduction in training content creation costs

Reduction in go-to-launch enterprise applications

Faster time to proficiency for a new employee
Reduction in knowledge discovery time

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