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Accelerate Digital Adoption

Digital Adoption

Use Whatfix to unlock the true value of your enterprise application. Show your users how to use the software in the best possible way.

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Empower Users on Their Digital Adoption Journey

Elevate your User
Elevate Your User Experience
Adjust to your users’ onboarding needs by using Whatfix to deliver personalized journeys
Deliver In-app,
Contextual Help
Deliver Contextual Help
Delight your users with Whatfix’s real-time, in-app help that’s customized to individual roles
Empower your
Digital Workforce
Provide On-The-Job Learning
Make your training more effective with Whatfix by adding context and relevance to a learner’s experience
Adoption with Whatfix
Traditional Adoption
Standard Methods Lead to Only Blips in User Productivity

Why Enterprises Choose Whatfix

Empower Users Throughout Their Journey

Context-Aware & Personalized

Delight your users with personalized help. Engage users by showing them the most useful and timely information, in-app.

Simple, Yet Powerful

Create content in intuitive steps—with zero coding. Unlike most enterprise software, using Whatfix is straightforward.

On-Demand Learning

Identify, deliver, and measure training in-app. Make learning fluid across all enterprise systems and user touch points.

Secure and Reliable

Adopt the product that Fortune 500 clients trust. We’re ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, and GDPR compliant.

Quickest Time-to-Value

Achieve sizeable ROI on Whatfix quickly through a combination of fast implementation and ease of use.

Omnichannel Presence

Empower users to navigate complexity wherever they are. Show help in a user’s preferred format (video, PDF etc).

Intuitive Onboarding

Adopting new applications often means a productivity dip. Whatfix adjusts to users’ onboarding needs by delivering personalized journeys

Context-Aware Support

In the on-demand economy, users expect in-the-moment experiences. Whatfix delights users with help that’s customized to individual roles.

Learning On-The-Go

One-time training alone doesn’t ensure improved performance. Whatfix augments user training with ongoing learning delivered in-app.

Global Enterprises, Including Fortune 500 Companies Trust Whatfix

“Absolutely no coding required, we were able to create help in minutes! We eliminated 10,000 support tickets!”

Paresh Naik
Senior Manager

“Simple, yet powerful! 45% of our survey respondents found walkthroughs helpful.”

Adam Shapiro
Senior Business Analyst

“The flows have been used 1M+ times. We saw 50% reduction in training content creation time, and 60% reduction in Salesforce training efforts.”

Juergen Bonifarth
CRM Support

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