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Driving The Future Now: Whatfix Raises $90M in Series D Funding

Only a handful of companies get a shot at becoming a leader in their category and grow as visionaries. Whatfix is privileged to be one such company. We have emerged as a leader in the Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) space by enhancing user efficiency, enterprise productivity, and business outcomes for our customers. We are growing exponentially in revenue and headcount.

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Hear it from the Team

The learning curve for a marketing director at Whatfix is very steep. I joined 6 years ago, and was given the ownership for my projects from the very beginning. Irrespective of whether you’re an intern or employee you’re trusted with significant work. It’s what drives us to be more passionate. It helps you understand the product inside out, question more and approach the problem statement better.

Gokul Suresh,

Associate Director – Field & Growth Marketing


Hear it from the Team

Whatfix has been a rocket ship of a ride since Day 1. Though remote, my onboarding was smoother than I anticipated. So far I have had the opportunity to work with multiple large enterprises and develop a strong relationship with them. I love the trust that Whatfix has in me and the fact that they always take any ideas that I bring to the table. I feel driven to become better at what I do on a daily basis.

Moon-Tae Kim,

Senior Solutions Engineer


Hear it from the Team

Whatfix offers an enticing combination of opportunities for growth and company culture. First, our product-market fit is outstanding, and that has led to sustained exponential growth. That growth presents many opportunities for professional advancement. And second, Whatfix Principles empower us to take calculated risks without fear of failure or punishment.

Mike Devine,

Senior Recruiter


Hear it from the Team

I absolutely love the culture at Whatfix! People make you feel like you are part of the family from Day 1. The team always has your back, every step of the way. While we work hard and the ‘Hustle Mode’ is always on, Whatfix is not all about work. It is about people, friendship, care, and appreciation. This job has given me so much, professionally and personally. Glad to be a part of #onewhatfix.

Shaked Giladi Azoulay,

Sales Engineering Manager


Hear it from the Team

As a Full-Stack Engineering intern, I have enjoyed being a part of such an employee-friendly environment. I am proud to work at Whatfix as it gives me advanced opportunities, and also the chance to become part of a professional and dynamic team. I absolutely look forward to working here long term.

Shreyank Singhal,

Engineering Intern


Whatfix Benefits

A healthy balanced lifestyle can mean different things to different people. We’ve created programs that support the way you live and work today.

Flexible Working Hours

Spread across 5 time zones, we work on schedules that best fit our lives. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work. This freedom and mutual trust permeate the organization. 

Parental Leave

When it comes to something as special and important as becoming a parent, we believe our team members should be able to spend some time with their little one(s). Our formal policies and cultural support make sure of that.

Continuous Development

Whatfix invests in your career growth by providing a path for continuous on-the-job learning and development. Apart from regular coaching and feedback, we also provide resources & interventions to support your professional development.

Relocation Assistance

We are here to make things smooth as you transition to your new role and your new life. In addition to providing all major relocation services, all new hires are provided financial support when moving from one major city or country to another.

Work with the Best

True to our principle of Hire Better Than Us, Whatfixers represent the best of all domains. Working with such a talented group of professionals is a source of constant learning and inspiration. Never a dull moment, indeed.

Autonomous Culture

We provide space for our people to take ownership and operate autonomously. They have the freedom to innovate and experiment in their respective roles while maintaining accountability towards larger objectives.

Whatfix Culture

Envisioned by the founders & nurtured by its people, Whatfix culture puts people – and customers – in the front & centre. And our Glassdoor reviews and Stevie Awards are a testament to that. But we are always on the lookout for people better than us, to create an even better workplace.

An aspirational place to work

Hustle mode ON

Ethics and integrity

above all else

Customer First

Fail fast, Scale fast


Deep dive, Innovate

Work hard

Do it as you own it

No boundaries or hierarchies for

communication, transparency

How we make decisions

Trust is the foundation

Treat people with


Hire people better than us

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